Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well, I've picked out five colleges that i'm going to be looking into. Penn State, Allegheny College, Swarthmore College, Miami University of Ohio, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I say "er...6" because I am still considering going to CCAC so that I can work and save money and get all of my normal credits out of the way.

I picked these colleges for reasons that are entirely different college to college. If they were all the same, why would I need a list, right?

Penn State: Penn State is the biggest college on my list. It's a good school and it's cheap. There are a lot of people I can become friends with, and a lot of friends I know already go there. It would be mega diverse, and yet it's still a great college because Penn State has a lot of high standards (moreso than at least a lot of other state schools).

Allegheny College: This is the smallest college on my list. It is a great school, very pretty and very good for learning because of its size. My english teacher recommended it to me and said I would do a great job here. I believe Jay liked it too, which is a plus.

Swarthmore College: This is the toughest school I'm applying to. It is as selective as U Penn without being an Ivy, but it's probably got less people applying than U Penn 'cause it's not an ivy? It would be a great school to focus on learning and focus on being the best I can be.

IUP (Honors): My counselor recommended IUP to me because it is a small, cheap school that is known for its education program. Their normal stats are like 900 for the overall SAT scores, so I would try for the Honors program because that's more around 1200-1300. It would be a nice experience because I'm looking for a good education program, but I'm also worried because it is known as a bad school.

Maimi University of Ohio: Miami is my favorite school on this list. It's not as big as Penn State, but not as small as Allegheny. It is in a different state (ooo) and it's the farthest away (6 hours). It is a really pretty college and I could even try out for the Honors Program at this college too. It's got a really nice website too, which impresses me because a lot of colleges aren't as organized. This was also recommended by my counselor, so she'll like it too.

All of these colleges have yearbook, which was a requirement for me. All obviously have an educational program as well as a psychology program. Allegheny and Swarthmore both lack a marching band, but I'm not even sure if I want to continue marching band in college.

I don't know. I'm just excited. haha.


Tim said...

IUP doesn't have a marching band? Haha. Nice try. Musically speaking, they're one of the best in the state. Even I will admit that.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

whoa. i don't know why i said IUP. i meant to say Swarthmore there. :-\ wow. i'm sorry.

Laurel said...

So, how about I am against miami of ohio strictly because miami is in florida and that is just so wrong in my mind I refuse to go through that. But I like Penn State cuz I might go consider that lol.