Sunday, January 14, 2007


So since Monday, I've got a lot more + (and few -.) (i really like these, btw)

musical practice +
went to girl's basketball game +
left my bag in band room -
had to be interviewed at Sears again -
hoagie sale -
bought nice "business" pants +
fit into a tiny dress, and looked good ++ (not that i'd ever wear it)
saw reefer madness +
jay's been down on himself -

So, this week has been a very plus-like week. 6 pluses and 4 minuses, right? So I'm up ~4.

Tuesday I had musical practice, and I absolutely love musical practice like whoa. Musical is my favoritest ever.

Wednesday I counted money for FLC and we got it all correct and that was good. Not good enough for its own plus, but still nice that we counted correctly.

Thursday we had yearbook after school, and this whole yearbook thing isn't working out so amazingly with the music section. I don't even know when it's due :( but I need to get it done soon. The whole music section is going to look horrible. Then after that Jay and I went to the basketball game. YAY.

Friday I went to the hoagie set up for about an hour then left for my interview. This one didn't go so well, but whatever.

Saturday we had the hoagie sale, and the turkey tables took forever because we only had 4 tables instead of 5 and then they converted half of us and we only had 2. :( It took us a half hour longer to work. I got all my hoagies pretty much gone though. Then around 5 or 6 Lissa and I went shopping and we found a nice outfit for Tuesday. Then we went to the mall and made me look at dresses. They weren't that pretty :-\

So that's been my week.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

thanks for the spelling craig

Miles C. said...

you posted too soon! What about ES?

Anonymous said...

oh np... but i did have to look back through the AIM log to have any idea what you were talking about!

Laurel said...

FBLA was fun!

Tim said...

It's good that you're still on the plus side...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i'm way on the plus side
i'll update at the end of the week.
it'll be lots of pluses