Monday, January 08, 2007

More +/-, and My Interview

Let's start with the plus and minuses

I have another history test tomorrow -

I missed lab today -

I got to take pictures at the Behr program +

I had a very good interview at Sears (more later) +

I have a hole in my new shirt -

I only ate 5.75 pieces of pizza -

I'm very comfortable right now. +

I want a new camera + -

I taught Jo a lot of the Titanic theme song and she's only in 4th grade +

that's 4- and 5+, so now i'm 2 ahead (cause of last time).

So onto the interview.

Okay, so I arrived at my interview at 4:50pm (1650 or whatever for Tim :-\) and i asked the lady at the front desk where the Human Resource Office was, and she directed me to the back of the store, and there I found the door that stood between me and this office. Now, I couldn't see inside the door, so I didn't know if it lead through a hallway to get to the office or if it was the office, so I was scared to walk in, but I didn't want to feel stupid and knock. So the Sears lady who was playing with the children's toys was standing near this door, and I asked her if I could just go in, or if I should knock, and she was like "Let me find out". She asked my name and then she went to this door and walked in to ask about me. She came out telling me to just hold on a minute.

So after a couple minutes this guy, who I later found out was named "Parks" came out and asked me what position I applied for, and I told him cashier and he said, "Okay hold on". Well, after about waiting about 10-15 minutes, he came back. In those minutes, I met about 5 employees. This one guy was really sweet, he was like, goth like, i guess? he was wearing black anyways. haha. Then this girl who recognized me through my old job. That other lady I talked to kept coming back to check up on me. There was this Bryan guy who was really nice to me and talked to me and stuff. And he's read Uncle Tom's cabin- how cool. There were a few other workers there, and finally Parks came back and told me to come inside.

So I sat down, and he found my application. (I later found out the cashier manager went home sick and that's why no one knew about my interview). He began the interview, and his phone kept ringing. Finally he handed it off to someone else, and we could really begin the interview. Well, it was a really fun interview. I mean, I've never done one before, but it was fun. I wasn't nervous because they were unorganized and that calmed me for some reason.

He asked about where I lived, where I used to work, what it was like, how good I did, things like that. He attempted to see how fimiliar I was with their cash registers and process, and learned that we had a totally different one there at Crossroads. That didn't seem to bother him, though.

So, it went pretty good, and Parks told me that he would tell Charles how my interview went, and Charles should be calling me sometime tomorrow. Let's hope it's after musical. haha.

I have come up with a couple questions I forgot to ask them while I was there, so when he calls me, I would like to ask them.

But it went really good, I think.


Laurel said...

I'm glad your interview went well andrea, you can teach me how to use the cash register and then i can apply there for a job!

We could work together! fun fun fun!

Miles C. said...

I hope you get it! That would be really cool. Good luck.

I'm glad your year is going well! :D

Tim said...

Ahem. I can understand 12-hour time; I just prefer not to use it.

Technically, if you count right, that's 5+/5- for this time, so you're actually at +1... but your +2 status can be justified:

"Only" eating 5.75 pieces of pizza (wonder what happened to the other .25) is hardly worth a whole "minus." I mean, it's a very temporary situation. Let's call it .25 of a minus, for the .25 slice you didn't eat. So now, you're up 1.75, which rounds to 2.

Problem solved.

"So onto the interview."

I had to laugh when you said "one guy was really sweet, he was like, goth..." Ironically, a couple goths I met were some of the nicest people I met. Of course, the rest were all jerks, so you never know what you're going to get from first glance. But it begs the question, were the nice ones truly goth?

Other people's misfortunates (i.e., their disorganization) do tend to make people more at ease. It's human nature. No one knows why. But now that you know how easy an interview is, don't act much different if in another interview everything's in tip-top shape. Having to do an interview a month for three Academic Decathlon seasons, it seemed that the more relaxed I was, the higher the score I got. Of course, you can't always be totally relaxed. But find something in the midst of the anxiety that relaxes you and run with it.

And those questions you need to ask the guy: good.

Random tangent: Yes, comments can have them, too... Wow. This is a really long comment. And this is just making it longer, so bye!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

but i usually eat 9 pieces, so if you're going by that way, it's 3.5 minuses.

Simba said...

Good luck with getting your job at sears :)

Tim said...

Once again, simply not eating pizza doesn't warrant much of a minus. That was how many days ago? I'll bet you couldn't even tell the difference now.