Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Week of the New Year

Well, it's been going okay in some parts, really bad in others.

I got a D on the test for chemistry. -

And History too. -

I still don't have a job. -

I've been sleeping horribly (as usual). -

I got to see a lot of my friends at Jaime's party. +

I got to see Jay on Friday, and we got to hang out. +

I got my last paycheck today + -

I might be able to get a job at Giant Eagle. +

And I have an interview for Sears on Monday +

Matt's been depressed -

I finally slept 9 hours one time +

I love Jay +

So, it's been a pretty good year. There have been some bad things, but for the most part, it's been okay.

1 comment:

Tim said...

I count 7 pluses and 6 minuses.

7 - 6 = +1. You're already on the plus side!