Thursday, January 18, 2007

just really quick

I'm doing an experiment for chemistry, so if anyone would like to come to my house on friday the 26th, please do. i don't have the exact time yet, but it'd probably be around 2pm.

too bad tim and craig can't come. :( sorry guys.


Miles C. said...

Andrea...I'm gonna be out of town next Friday.

I'm so sorry

Lexi Elizabeth said...

don't be sorry. you already said you were doing it IN school. why would you be sorry?

Tim said...

Grrr. My service learning team meets on Fridays at 1:30pm. And I'm meeting up with another friend at 3pm.

An opportunity arises for us to meet, and it is vanquished from the outset.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

oh yeah. i forgot friday was your easy day. i assumed you'd be busy with classes all day.

Laurel said...

I'll be there...maybe i think so... haha