Thursday, December 28, 2006

matt's eagle

So you know matt, right? I told you about him before. He's doing his eagle project on this one church, and I offered to help today. Well, Matt picked me up (not at 10:07, but at 10:28 haha) and we went to the church. i met this boy named chris. and then jay arrived, and we got everything set up to paint. I did an okay job. :-P sort of. Oh well, I was good company. Every group of guys should have a girl there to pretend she knows what she's doing ...or something like that.

Well we painted until about 1, when we ate. yumm. I had 7 pieces of pizza (and 2 later). Then we painted some more. Jay left around 3:15ish, and this other guy Steve left soon after that. Dan, Chris, Matt, Matt's dad, and I were the only ones left. Dan isn't one of my favorite people in the world, Chris creeped me out a bit, and Matt's dad was well, matt's dad. So basically all I had while I was there was Matt. And I don't mind Matt, so I guess with him being there, I was alright. Otherwise I would've left. I'm glad I stayed, because it wouldn't have felt right to leave- I would've felt really mean.

So I guess I had a little bit of fun today, instead of working, as I was supposed to do up until I lost my job. I ended up falling asleep for a little bit while the boys cleaned up. Which was very rude of me, but they didn't wake me up, so I guess they didn't need a little girl's help anyways.

I'm putting the pictures Matt took onto my Pics blog, if you wanna check them out. Don't look at me. I look horrible. haha.


Tim said...

LOL. Andrea, you're barely even in those pictures!

Connie Delintio said...

That sounds like fun I like painting and building stuff. No wonder Dan isn't your favoritest person in the world Dan's a dork:P Ok well he's wierd at least. I don't know much about Chris other than he's bestfriends with matt jay and dan(at least I think). I'll comment about the pictures later after I've seen them.

Laurel said...

That sounds like fun, I like painting. I'll be doing stuff like that in Mississippi!