Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I have used Matt's name 4 times in all of the entries of blogging I ever made (4 of TJ (0 of Tim) 22 of Laurel and 38 of Jay) not counting this one. So I've decided to blog about Matt.

Matt is this boy that I met through this other boy (that I like a lot) named Jay. I got his screenname off of (I think) either Moria or Chelsea. We started talking and for the most part it was only about Jay. It was really awkward at first, because we weren't very good at talking. During band camp, we talked about how he was always hanging out with Jay, and that he should share him. And he did. It was really nice of him. Then we started to have pretty good, deep discussions. I introduced him to Laurel at one point. They became very good talkers immediately (because she's a very open person, unlike me).

Now, Matt pointed out that about 2 of my blogs that I thought he hated me. But I don't think I ever thought that. I know sometimes I felt ignored by him, since he always plays this game called "BF2". But I don't know. I think that now I know he just was playing a game and meant nothing personal by it. And now we're really good talkers, mostly. We talk about a lot of stuff, and learn a lot. Or well, I learn a lot. And he's amused by my un-intellegence. haha. Oh well. Either way, Matt and I are pretty amazing discussion people.

And I think that serves for an amazing Matt post.

You're welcome. :D


Simba said...

Yay, a post about me. And a nice one at that. Thanks Andrea.

Miles C. said...


I think we're better people people

Lexi Elizabeth said...

note: this whole counting how many times something is in my blog is pretty unreliable so don't believe it fully.

Anonymous said...

I like matt. I am glad you introduced us. He is very fun to talk to as long as i'm not doing my homework!