Sunday, December 31, 2006

Something Sad

Okay, so absolutely none of us bloggers (Tim, Laurel, Jay, Craig and I) blogged anything about our Christmas Day. I think that's a little upsetting, seeing as it's a lot of people's favorite holidays, and we all know that we post on the stupid holidays we've made up (such as VRD, BPRD, ISRD, and Andrea Day.) We post any time Tim finds out about some odd holiday (CanadaDay, Waitangi Day, and some others.) We post about senior slave day, a made up day by school. We post anytime we've hit a certain number of posts or something happens to our blog- birthdays of Tim's, Laurel's, and Andrea's (sort of)- Andrea's 200, Laurel's 200, and Andrea's 100. All these non-existant holidays, less important holidays, and very minor accomplishments compared to Christmas.

Thanks in advance to those (tim and laurel) who posted these and let me use these links without asking first.

So it really upsets me when we don't celebrate or even post about Christmas. The best attempt we have is the Cousin Blog, but they really didn't make the post about Christmas.

Christmas is supposed to be the biggest holiday of the year. Jesus's Birthday. The day our savior was born. Christmas was the day that this man was born to do great things. Now, I'm sure we're all capable of doing great things as well, so please, post about your birthday without feeling sorry that you didn't post about Christmas, but I'm just saying, Christmas shouldn't just be looked over.

I think we all spend far too much time planning Christmas, buying presents, and dealing with all of that to realize that Christmas is more than a gift giving holiday. Christmas is a holiday for family, for rememberance, for God, for everyone.

I know I'm really sorry that I didn't post about Christmas. I just looked over the holiday like it was nothing. Well, I mean, I celebrated it, but how long relaly does it take to say "Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for everything" or something.

And just so you know, none of us celebrated it on our blogs last year either.


Laurel said...

Don't worry Andrea, I still plan to blog about Christmas, I've been spending time with my family and all that so I haven't had a chance, but I will still post about it. Since it is one of the most important holidays (the other most important one being easter) and it is my favorite, just wait I will post about it.

Tim said...

You make a very good point. Last year, I know all those things happened to me and I just forgot to blog about it.

As for this year, I don't know what happened. My best guess is that this entire year has been a year of adjustments. Being in Pittsburgh, not having snow, and not being home to hear my mother play old records of Christmas carols all through December just made Christmas feel... less Christmasy. And even though it's not the point of the holiday, I didn't even start my Christmas shopping until 15 December... which didn't help to get me into the holiday mood either.

I will post for New Year's Eve tonight, and for New Year's Day tomorrow, as everyone needs to reflect about the year past and plan for the year ahead. But Christmas is ultimately more important. Maybe I'll post on 07 January, the Russian Orthodox Christmas, about everything that happened this holiday season. Hopefully I won't forget!