Monday, March 13, 2006

barnes and noble & eat n park

oh what a fun time laurel and i had on tuesday night before musical. after school we went over to her house and then went to the mall. after getting milkshakes and walking around for a bit, we went to eat n park. now, we had a tape recorder, and were prepared to say that we only wanted soup spoons and salad forks. well, we first had an older woman as a waitress so we didn't really do it to her. but then this younger guy started working, and so we asked for just soup spoons and salad forks. wel,l they didn't have salad forks, but we ate our meals with soup spoons. it was fun. then we went to barnes and noble.
oh boy oh boy oh boy was that fun. we looked at the strangest books. i forget most of them, but a lot were about babies, haha, and those little books, and 1001 ways to...stuff, and why your mother loves you, and the boy nipple book. ask laurel about the rest, because i forget a lot. but it was really fun. i wish i didn't have girlscouts because our good time was cut short. maybe soon? like this weekend? :-P i'm free sunday! well, after 3. i probably work. which means i can't sleep over vicki's. darn. :-P no offense, i don't feel like having a sleepover this weekend, for some reasons of my own. not that i don't like vicki, because i really do. so maybe the weekend after or something, but not this weekend.


Miles C. said...

Thats...really strange

Laurel said...

OOO That was soo much fun, I loved it and we definatly have to do that again....the "boy nipple book" for those of u that are wondering is really called "Why do Men Have Nipples?" LOL
Luv ya all!