Monday, March 13, 2006


finally, i get to post about musical!

musical was so...well, it wasn't amazing. the show was, we had an amazing two casts. the leads were wonderful and a lot of the dancers were great. i didn't get along too well with a lot of the chorus members because a lot of them didn't want to be there. which bothered me a little. lot. but i guess in the end it didn't matter because either way the show turned out great. the audience loved it, and i guess that's all that matters. what i didn't get is why the audience loved gaston so much. as laurel put it "it was a bunch of 16 year old girls getting drunk". but i guess they liked it. hmm...okay. be our so much drama over the benches. we finally could get them on and get all the way in the back of the auditorium and then the day before the show mr. k changes it all. grrrr. but i guess it worked out okay. i still don't like human again, because the people behind us didn't know the words and it took all of my concentration to say the words right with them saying the wrong words. and as you all know my concentration sucks. the bows were off every night, which made me laugh a whole lot. umm...the cast party was tiring. it was fun i guess, haha. but it wore me out. i danced with jane the whole time. laurel was with us a lot, but she kept running off. at one point we had a big circle. oh well. jay joined in a couple times, but he was mostly off somewhere else too. with my camera. alli's...whatever.

overall, i guess musical was worth it, but i still wish i could've been even a little more important, not a lead (they are crazy and insane for becoming leads), but like a dancer. i wish i danced. oh well. maybe chorus next year will be more fun.


Miles C. said...

Thats the spirit!

Laurel said...

Musical was awesome...except for those uncaring chorus members...and the show wrecking on saturday! But apart form that it was ubber-fun!
Luv ya all!