Tuesday, February 28, 2006

redoing a survey

i took this survey back in june, but i'm gonna see what's changed.

+ 001. name: Andrea Michelle Wilhelm
+ 002. nicknames: Andi, HussygirlDoublehussychildSanAndreylas
+ 003. sex: f
+ 004. birthday: 9-17-90
+ 005. age: 15
+ 006. star sign: Virgo
+ 007. place of birth: a hospital.
+ 008. current residence: castle shannon, but bethel school
+ 009. hair color: brown
+ 010. eye color: they can be green, hazel, brown, or grey.
+ 011. height: 5'3"
+ 012. writing hand: right hand.

Body Ills + Skills
+ 013. do you bite your nails? not anymore
+ 014. can you roll your tongue? i don't think so
+ 015. do you have any habits? little ones
+ 016. can you raise one eyebrow at a time? no
+ 017. colored hair: never
+ 018. tatoos and where: nope
+ 019. piercings and where: two holes in each ear, but i think they're closed
+ 020. do you make your bed daily? never make my bed.
+ 021. which shoe goes on first? umm....right usually.
+ 022. speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at someone? yep
+ 023. what jewelry do you where 24/7? my watch- can't live without it, ask anyone!
+ 024. how many cereals are in your cabinet? a lot. like a lot a lot.
+ 025. what utensils do you use eating pizza? utensils? for pizza?!
+ 026. do you cook? no
+ 027. how often do you eat? when i'm hungry

+ 028. how often do you brush your hair? umm...i don't count. a lot i guess.
+ 029. how often do you shower or bathe? everyday (it's mandatory)
+ 030. how long do these showers last? 5-10 minutes, when i'm not in a hurry
+ 031. hair drying method: umm...let it dry out
+ 032. do you swear? no!
+033. do you mumble to yourself? a lot
+ 034. do you spit in public? no
+ 035. person you talk most on the phone with? lissa
+ 036. what color is your bedroom? a lot of colors.
+ 037. do you use an alarm clock? yes
+ 038. name one thing and person you're obsessed with: umm....the computer
+ 039. window seat or aisle: it doesn't matter
+ 040. whats your sleeping position: umm....every which way
+ 041. what kind of bed do you like? a king size
+ 042. in hot weather do you use a blanket? yes
+ 043. do you snore? no
+ 044. do you sleep walk? i did a couple of times, yes
045. do you talk in your sleep? yes
+ 046. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? not really
+ 047. how about the light on? i sleep in a room with no windows, both doors closed tightly, and all lights off.
+ 048. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on? no

When Was The Last Time You...
+ 049. watched bambi? forever ago
+ 050. talked on the phone? i'm on the phone with jay now
+ 051. read a book? today sometime
+ 052. punched someone? i punch jay all the time

+ 053. where do you see yourself ten years from now? i have no idea.
+ 054. who are you gonna marry and where?
+ 055. how many kids do you want to have? in dream land? three. in the real world- none.

+ 056. who are your best friends? kayla, jay, liz, lissa, laurel, janie etc
+ 057. what friend do you hang out with the most? jay
+ 058. what friend makes you smile the most? every friend
+ 056. friend that you fight with the most? jay
+ 060. one you talk to on the computer the most? laurel, i think.
+ 061. friend that you miss the most? kayla!

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