Sunday, March 05, 2006


wicked was to die for. the senery was AMAZING. we had emily rozek instead of kendra kassebaum...or however it's spelled. she was an amazing galinda/glinda. elphaba was amazing too. the whole cast was. the setting was....breathtaking. galinda was hysterical. if i was crazy i'd compare her the kristin chenoweth, but i'm not crazy. i didn't like elphaba's first line. neither did lyssa. haha. the wizard and i was like messed up ...rhythm wise...i dont know how to explain it, until the ending. popular was really good. and omg i LOVED the way they did what is this feeling. it was 238147182634081236 times better than ours...obviously. haha. i didn't like the choreography ...whatever....of wonderful. or the lines that they added. the whole show though, was just...heaven. it was just AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. i really want to go see it again.


Miles C. said...

You can't beat Rudy going "Trust me its funnnnn!" (waves arms and feet).

Lexi Elizabeth said...

no you can't. at all. rudy was an AMMMMMAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG wizard. i loved his wonderful dance. that part was great.