Tuesday, February 28, 2006


my mom bought me a costume. which is great. i mean, the shirt doesn't fit, really, but it works. and so i'm still in the musical, for now :-P. but now obviously i'm sick. like WOAH. but i think i'll live. i mean, all i can't do now is breath, shallow, and my ears hurt. :-\wicked on friday. i can't be sick for that. i'm so pumped! i have been waiting for this since the day i was born. haha. or close enough. although, i feel really bad that jay can't go. i mean, before i talked to him i didn't think he'd be that upset, but i guess he really really really wanted to go. :'(

(i love how i ended each topic with a face)

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TJ said...

At the very least you've been waiting for Wicked since this blog was born.