Friday, March 12, 2010


So I had to write a 20 page story for my fiction workshop. I ended up writing two of them.

One is about a girl who is like me, crazy, and decides to do too much at school. She is having a hard time keeping in contact with people at home, including her boyfriend, who seems to be unmotivated compared to her. She goes through all the conformity of college, including alcohol. It's really something that should be a novel instead of only a 20 page story, but it's a good 20 page introduction to a story, I think.

The second story is about a guy from Pittsburgh (reading Flannery O'Connor made me want to write something local), who loses his grandfather. His grandfather was his connection to the city, showing him everything. Without his grandfather, he was lonely. He went through high school and college as a loner until he found his girlfriend, Natalie. It's a really cute story. Just ask to read it.



Moria said...

those both actually sound really interesting

Tim Parenti said...

Perhaps you could post excerpts at some point? These sound pretty good!