Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meaningless Musings

So today I spent much time chillaxing in my kitchen, searching through billions of webpages for internships and short story contests. I did end up applying to one internship that interested me and was accepting nonBusiness Majors (something that seemed impossible. Everyone wants a Marketing major.) I also found a couple contests that I'm going to apply for, once I touch up a few of my stories.

Things I read today:

Mystery and Manners- Flannery O'Connor is an amazing speaker, this being a compacted collection of her speeches throughout her life. I feel like I learned a lot about writing, even if I'm not from the South or religious.

Bearing a Cross- This is a short (though I wouldn't consider it very short) story from my one teacher (who will soon be my thesis advisor). I thought I should start reading works by him to get a sense of who he is as a writer. I don't want to write like him, but I want to see where he's coming from when he starts to give me advice on my writing.

Other than that, I didn't do anything today. Wasted another day. Tomorrow I will bring a book with me to the high school while Moria observes the stage band. After that, I'm going to practice piano at the high school (hopefully I'll have retained something from practicing at Luke's). Then we're going to eat n park and the mall. At the mall I will begin my card buying journey for my American Greetings Project (yes, I'm working with American Greetings EEK! haha). I will also be working on my magazine project, which includes looking at how magazines are displayed. Then I will go to the public library and work on my magazine project, my latin homework, and my short story in class essay. Hopefully I'll get something done.

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Moria said...

card shopping today was amusing=]