Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Burned Butts, Narnia, and Writings

So, I absolutely love Miami University. I'm sure most of you already knew that, but I really wanted to reiterate it again. These past couple of days have been full of snow (since Thursday or Friday), and it's been really beautiful. Miami is a campus full of fields and trees, so the snow creates a glistening feel of Narnia. The magic each flake holds as it falls to campus reminds me why I'm here. I know I'm only going to be here another year, but I am already regretting leaving this campus. Everything about this place is inspiring.

We went sledding tonight down Peffer Hill (though I don't know how it's spelled). At first I was scared- the hill was soo steep!, but then after going down the second time, I fell in love. The first time I went down, I went with Madi and we ended up rolling together...oops. But then I went by myself and that was good. The time I went with Kristin, though, I ended up falling onto the snow and sliding down on my bare back (really my butt/back), and it's all red now. Oops! haha. I loved going down with my triple though, because all three of us are awesome! It was absolutely amazing how much fun it was to just be a kid again. Another thing I love about Miami University. The trays work perfectly as sleds, too, because they're small and slippy. I had trouble staying on it, but that's cool. haha.

So this semester, I'm an English major. It's an excellent feeling. Plus, I'm starting to talk to other English majors. There's this girl Kaylyn, in my 231 and 321 (I know, confusing, right?) classes, and I really like her. She's doing a thesis this summer, and it sounds absolutely thrilling. I'm starting a writing community thing, which'll be very nice. I'm also writing a lot more, or at least having a lot more ideas. I can't wait for next semester when I'm working on my thesis as well as other writing projects. :D

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Moria said...

Haha I've already gone sled riding too:P