Thursday, January 07, 2010

600 words, no I

So I did a prompt the other day where we could only use the word I twice in 600 words in a first person story. It was actually really hard to write, but I was impressed when I finished. I'm going to try to do a better one, since the one I wrote was very elementary, just trying to get through the challenge. But it was interesting to see different ways you have to phrase things to not use I. Oh, and you can't use it in the first paragraph, either. Or the title.


Moria said...

that's pretty fantastic though, I definitely don' think I'd be able to do that

Tim Parenti said...

Wow! That definitely would exercise one's mental might!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

PS, I couldn't use the word I, us, our, we, me, my, etc. Only two first person references at all, in any form.