Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I'm in like, ten classes.

Econ 201- Econ is by far my hardest class. I really wish I could've gotten an A in this class, but I'm going to be happy if I get a B or a B+ to be honest. I have a B- right now, but we'll see if I can improve.

Lat 201- I think I'm going to get an A in this class. I've gotten an A on everything so far except three quizzes, and she drops three quiz grades...how convenient. So as long as I keep everything up, I'll be fine. :D

Eng 354- My teacher loves me in this class. She thinks I have such great insight. :D So I have an A+ in this class so far. And that's really nice, since it's the only class I have for my major this semester.

Mus 201- Wow. I'm in a lot of 201 classes. haha. But I've got a 100% in this class so far, so I'm not worried. haha. Yay music theory :D

Mus 251- Sightsinging= 100%. Which is exciting, because I don't even go to class that often.

The 101- I have no idea what I have in this class. Half of my grade is due thursday and next tuesday for our group presentation, but I'm really thinking we're going to do well, so I'd say I've got an A in this class :D

Mus 260- I've gotten a 97 and a 92 on my two exams for piano class, so as long as I do as well on the final, I should be fine. :D

Mus 142- I honestly have no idea how well I'm doing in lessons. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing really well, and then others I feel like I'm completely failing. So I really don't know.

The 103- Theatre lab is all based on how everyone else does. So I'm thinking that I'll get an A, but I'm really not sure.

So basically, my only class that will really affect my GPA (assuming I do well in all my other classes) is Econ. If I get a B in econ, and an A- in lessons, then my GPA will still be able to rise to a 3.77, but if I do any worse than that in either, my GPA is going to lower. I could get an A in lessons and that would mean I could possibly get a B- in econ before dropping my GPA, but I'd still prefer to not get a B-, since I've never gotten anything that low before. So hopefully my GPA will be rising this semester (it really needs to...it's so much lower than my high school GPA :().

If I get straight As for the next four semesters of college (including this one), I could move my GPA up to a 3.9, which would get me a summa cum laude on the old system and a magna cum laude on the new system (I don't know which system applies to me). I'd be very happy with that. :D Unforunately, Econ is going to ruin that (lame Econ).

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