Saturday, November 28, 2009

Break :D

So this was thanksgiving break this week/weekend. I got home at about 11:30ish on Tuesday night. I didn't really do anything Tuesday afterwards.

Wednesday, I woke up around 9. Then I played on the computer until about noon, leaving my room only to eat and go to the bathroom. At about noon I did my homework. I read M. Butterfly and Angels in America, part 1. Both of these plays were really good. I've seen the 6 hour Angels in America movie, though, so I really liked reading the play and imagining the movie in the back of my head. After I did that, I went over Kerry Jo's, where we ate Chinese food. I had chicken wings, without sauce, and a lot (a lot) of fried rice. It's just soooo good (why do I like it? haha). Then we played with Corina, who is the cutest little girl in the entire world (related to Kjo somehow). We also watched Glee, and I got Kjo really into the show, because I tend to do that (I also got her into LB: Search for New Elle Woods) haha. Then we taught Corina my name, which is actually really hard for children to learn, because of the ndr sound. But she finally got it and that was super fun.

Thursday was Turkey Day (and my mom's birthday). I spent my morning watching the parade. Then I spent my afternoon watching an entire season of Avatar (I don't even know if that's spelled right). It's like pokemon, only the boy (avatar) is all the pokemon in one. haha. Then we ate dinner. All the while, I searched MFA programs and things. It was really interesting.

Friday I worked. For twelve hours. End day.

Saturday. I worked, then took a nap, then did homework. At about 6:30, I went to dinner with Blair and my mommy. Now I'm watching Pokemon. :D