Sunday, September 27, 2009

College is perfect

So college is pretty much perfect. I'm always busy, I'm always trying to get better, and everything is always fun. :D Most of all, I can see the difference between me last year and me this year. Last year, for example, I skipped classes and listened to Luke play the piano all the time, and could never walk home by myself. Now, I have yet to miss class, I never have time to just listen to Luke play, nor am I ever even in the mood, and I'm almost completely fine with walking home by myself. I have more responsibility at work and for once I'm okay with that. I practice flute a lot more, even though it's a lot more frustrating. I also practice piano a lot more. I actually listen to music this year, though not as much as over the summer. I have friends and I don't feel like our relationship/friendship is questionable. I get invited to small get-togethers instead of just big parties. The upperclassmen seem to not look at me just as a little girl. At this rate, I feel fully confident that I will be ready for the real world by next year. I think I'm mostly (mostly being the key word) with being single, even though I miss Jay more than anything. I'm not sure if I've told you guys this, but I'm going to graduate in three years. I don't have the money to go here for four years. So I'm really excited for that. Next year I'm going to be living off campus with Luke, too.

So basically, life is great. :D

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Moria said...

im glad youre having a good time!:D