Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some moments that make me smile, part 3

Not really in order, but sort of in order?

1. Seeing Katie drive up in a green jeep.
2. Making Luke carry my futon.
3. Bdubs.
4. Freshman circle...Koolaid Party.
5. First day of theory class...scales. (fail on B major, hahaha.)
6. Sightsinging with Pansy Chang...awww. Love!
7. Writing about what I heard
8. Realizing I could skip 189.
9. Realizing I could skip theory.
10. Piano lessons
11. Attempting to have a radio show with Emily Rogers.
12. Rushing DO, Psi, and TBS.
13. Getting a Bid for DO, realizing I don't have enough time to do two, and not finishing out the rushing of Psi or TBS (sorry I love all of you!)
14. Not really trying out for stage left.
15. Teaching cute little girls how to read.
16. Blackout.
17. Broomball.
18. Piano post it notes. Aww Amanda you're adorable!
19. Obama posters at the rain.
20. Ice cream.
21. Ice cream seats.
22. My fiction group and our awesomeness.
23. Realizing that by adding piano and flute class, I'm taking 22 credits on top of marching band.
24. Working 11pm-3am at shriver.
25. Chord progressions.
26. Glee Club concerts.
27. Praveen.
28. Dream Echoes.
29. Nanowrimo....this doesn't make me smile.
30. Anita's recital- specifically the tuba/piccolo song.
31. Anita's recital- steel pan...very interesting...
32. Zach Kitzler. Period.
33. Seeing Batboy.
34. Seeing Taming of the Shrew.
35. Balcony Jazz Concerts.
36. Freshman Circle- sleepover. (wasn't I extremely sick that night? Fail.)
37. Meeting Abby Hils.
38. Band Formal...Cincinatti!
39. Reading good books/short stories in fiction class.
40. Overanalyzing with Jenni Patton in fiction class.
41. Wanting to kill a certain someone in fiction class.
42. Volleyball game with the band. awww, why am I not in athletic band!
43. Being invited to go to Dr. Tan's studio christmas party and not being a piano major.
44. Realizing that other people play piano just as good as Timothy Lucas (Claire's recital).
45. Taking twenty years to get Luke ready for turning pages.
46. Pie the professor.
47. The upsidedown recital.
48. Selling Band Formal tickets with Lara.
49. Trying for band board against all of my friends.
50. Community Band. Awww!
51. Timothy Lucas's first attempt at composing!
52. Timothy Lucas singing to me.
53. Room 44.
54. The proctor's table.
55. The John's multiple parties...all of which were amazing.
56. Canoe trip. with Jordan and Melissa. And obviously Timmy.
57. Creative Writing group project.
58. CW -> awkward elavator story.
59. Alisha's short short.
60. Shannanna.
61. Jamie Slone!
62. Miami Girl Day for the flute section.
63. Tuba Gay Day for the tuba section.
64. The trumpet's shirts.
65. Tom calling me Sarah at Margarita Night.
66. Realizing you can't lay on Luke while watching a movie.
67. Realizing Luke and I shouldn't watch movies together.
68. Fall break is not a time to go home.
69. I still win at Never have I ever.
70. Bringing Chase to parties.
71. Going to see Rent in theaters, the theater failing, then us arguing our way into seeing it anyways.
72. Going to ride horses at Luke's house, only to find I fail at listening to directions.
73. Rides back with Luke's mother.
74. Falling in love with Luke's mommy!
75. Actually understanding that's what she said jokes.
76. Meeting Box as Mike and then forgetting that was his name.
77. Pittsburgh's little get together before coming to Miami.
78. Buying a ridiculous amount of books for college.
79. Clicker quizzes.
80. The party/running with Zac Jancheski (spelling?)
81. Listening to Patrick sing with his amazing voice.
82. The MB talent show with Karla completely astounding me.
83. Our little alternate circle.
84. Playing for Pres Hodge.
85. Playing catch phrase during the blackout.
86. Taking Hot showers.
87. Taking Cold showers (why oh why do I always pick the times when everyone else showers??)
88. Failing to vote because I don't have ID, going and getting proper ID, and then coming back and voting, all within less time than Katie took to vote :-P
89. Hanging out with the quad.
90. Adding two members to the quad.
91. Going to brunch with the quad.
92. Distracting Emily.
93. Walks with Luke.
94. Our special finals walk.
95. Laying in the middle of the road at shriver.
96. The mystic/old time feel of our first finals walk.
97. Being best friends with Luke.
98. Waking up at 7:15 for a 7:30 final.
99. The talk that helped me realize everything...end of november.
100. Creepy stalkers.

This is only first semester. I could keep going. But I'm going to stop. :D

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Tim said...

I could pick out a few of these to comment on, but I'm far too tired. You're going to make this catching up thing take days!

Who writes 11,000+ words on a year of college?!?!??