Friday, May 08, 2009

Continuation of my Reflections, part 2

So more about the people I've met here at college...

DO- I've made so many friends through DO. People I met before DO- Lara Wolford. I met her online after stalking facebook and finding out she knew my to-be roommate Shanna, plus she'd be in marching band. At first, I thought she was a bit too happy, and then I realized she was just an amazing, outgoing person whom I absolutely love! We didn't get to hang out much this second half of the semester, but that's okay, because she knows I love her!
Kelli Novitzke (that's probably spelled wrong). Kelli and I became acquaintances in marching band, friends in sightsinging and sisters in DO. We both struggled in sightsinging together, but we've both gotten a lot better! We're in the same family of DO now, which is super excellent.
Emily Venneman is my big, and I heart her dearly. We're both uber busy all the time, but whenever we do run into each other, we're hysterical. I hope next year we can get together more often, as a family and as big-littles to get to know each other more.
Others that I mentioned from Collins Hall in my last post: These people are probably my favorite people ever.

There are more people in DO that I'd really like to get to know better and get close to. I'm hoping next year will bring that about.

Steel Band: I decided to do steel band this semester. And I love it. Or moreso, I love the people. My lead pan buddies, Josh and John, both of whom are old and leaving for the real world. They were fun. I think the greatest part of our section is that we all helped each other out. None of us had everything down. I could remember the notes while Josh and John could do the rhythms. Erin Semple, Jenni Patton, Alex Kosarko, Josh Sneed, Drew Somers and I would go get ice cream after steel band. That was probably my favorite part. Just being together and talking about nothing. It was really nice.

Jenni Patton, I'm going to give special saying to you. Jenni and I are both flute music minors with a Creative Writing major (fiction). We've shared flute class and poetry class together this semester, as well as fiction class last semester. Even though we're the same person, we're completely different, and I like that. Jenni went to an IB high school, so she's really, really smart. She has a completely different view on life than I do. I dunno. I don't know how to describe our differences, but we're just different. And yet, I kind of like her. haha.

There have been so many people I've met here at college. There's so many people I want to mention.

Tyler: I met Tyler in sightsinging class. He's a crazy boy whom I don't understand at ALL, but he's pretty cool.

Brandi: Brandi and I met via Lara Wolford and hit it off rather well. Brandi is another face I don't understand at all, but since she can sing, I think I can forgive her. <3

Abby: When I first met Abby at the DO rush parties, I thought she was loud and weird. I was like "who is this girl?" I also thought she was already a part of DO, since she was a junior. Then I found out she was the best person to ever exist. She taught me how to fist pump and say my As. Basically, though, I just love her lotses and I don't know what my life would be like without her. She makes me happy, absolutely every time I see her I can't help but smile. She's so pretty and cute and loveable. Abby is one of the people I'm going to miss a lot this summer, but after she turns 21, we're going to try to get together- me Abby and Luke.

Armond: I first saw Armond in marching band. I was like "Cool dude I would never get to talk to as a lowly freshman" And then just a couple weeks ago, we hung out together and watched Hancock. He isn't really as intimidating as you would think he'd be (though I'm just scared of everything so don't mind me). He's just this fluffy teddy bear of a guy who is really nice to be around. If he didn't start coming to the Proctor's table so much, I don't think we would've gotten to be friends.

Chase: Chase is someone I met through Luke. As I did with a lot of people. The Johns, Matt, Heather, etc. All these people are pretty amazing. Chase came and got me from Shriver one day so that I didn't have to walk by myself in the dark.

Ryan Steward: I'm not going to lie, when I first met this boy, I didn't like him. And now, I can't say we're friends, because I don't think I've ever talked to him without there being other people around, but I'd definitely say I've come to respect him as a person. Hopefully we'll become closer over the next couple of years. :D

I have to go hang out with Jay Benze, but expect more!

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