Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh lovely lessons

So I had a lesson on thursday. It went alright. I have a bunch of new things to work on, though. My favorite thing is my new piece- the Menuet from L' Arlesienne suite. It's really pretty. I spent a half hour listening to different recordings of it on youtube. I'm also doing some really cool tone exercises, but they're frustrating because I can't get them right most of the time. I really like my warm up piece. It's from the 17 daily exercise book by Taffenel and Gaubert. So then I have to do scales (fun fun!) And this thing from Progressions and Melodies book, which is kind of like etudes because they're like studies of certain things, so it's a study of articulation, but it's not an etude. haha. And then I have to listen to a bunch of famous flautists, which so far hasn't been very successful, but I'm going to try better maybe if I can get to the library tomorrow?

But basically, I have a lot to work on, so we'll see how it all goes!


Kelly Zimba said...

if you need any suggestions on famous flutists, let me know! =)

Moria said...

i had to play that Menuet from L' Arlesienne piece before!!! i love that one<3 haha, mrs mcgough made me learn it:)let me know when you're learning new ones so i can see if i've ever played them:D

Tim said...

Glad to see you're still enjoying expanding your musical horizons in college. It's too good a thing to lose.