Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years

So, my resolutions from last year are as follows:

1. Write More
2. More Cultured
3. Look Good/ Feel Good
4. See more friends and family.
5. Look Pretty
6. Give more to the community
7. Take more pictures
8. Get a new job

Here's the link to the descriptions of each if you're interested.

1. I think I did more writing this year than last. I mean, I only kept up with the daily writing for one month (January), but then I also got halfway through Nano. I've also had three english classes, so obviously that's a lot of work there- though only one was writing poetry/fiction, but even so.

2. Let's see, I've read a lot more, I've watched a ton of standard, classic movies, I participated in the election, I've learned to swing dance, and I have gained a ton of new music. Plus how to play the piano. I think that counts as definitely becoming more cultured.

3. I had trouble with this at first, at least, in the whole exercise/fitness aspect. I did start college out by going to the gym, but that stopped wayy too soon. Thankfully Jay cut off my supply of endless ice cream, or I'd be fat right now. I haven't gained any weight. Or well, I did, but I've lost it off again because I still weight 117 lbs. So that's good.

4. Well, this was supposed to be towards my high school friends, whom I didn't see ever. That didn't change, but now that I'm in college, I see my friends all the time. And when I come home, I see family (my aunt and uncle are even living in my room now), and Jay and Kerry Jo/Alex. So that's fun fun fun.

5. I definitely girlied up my wardrobe. I got my hair cut, and it's adorable. I think this goal was defnitely sucessful, even if I don't look like a runway model.

6. This one didn't really happen at all.

7. I am not one to take pictures, I usually just let people take them, especially now that we have facebook. So this one didn't really happen either.

8. I still have the same job I started with last year, though now I have ones at college too.

So as you can see, some were really successful, and some were really not. I think it's good to have a lot of goals, and then just to see how it goes. I seemed to succeed better in college, even without thinking or remembering my resolutions. Does that mean back in January of last year I knew what college was going to be like, subconsciously? Probably not, haha. It's hard to think of a New Year's resolution for this year. I definitely want to keep doing/succeeding in most of the above, but I like just doing it on my own. Not as like a requirement for the year.

1-I definitely want to volunteer more. Since I'm in DO (or well, going through the process next semester of getting into it) I will be doing volunteering things through them, but hopefully I'll be able to do even more volunteering. I think that I want to do Big Brother/Big Sister.

2-I also don't want to spend ANY money that I don't have to. I chose a very expensive college to go to, and so once I leave, I'll be in an incredibly high amount of debt. Every penny counts. This resolution is going to be hard for me, though, because I love spending money.

3-I want to start making lists. Lists of favorites, least favorites, things to do, and whatever else I can think of. Just to get my brain jogging. I stole this from Kerry Jo, but that's because it was a good one!

4-I really, REALLY need to work on my vocabulary. I get's word of the day sent to my email that I never check anymore. I'm thinking I'll go out to the mall and buy those word of the day calendars and just look off that every day.

5-I want to walk at least an hour every other day. I'd say MWF at 4 is the best time, because that's when all of my friends will be in symphony band and I won't have them to distract me as I walk. My biggest problem this year is that I had so many people to distract me.

6-I want to keep working on last year's resolutions. I think this'll best be done just by letting the year take me wherever it may lead.

7-One thing I really want to do is work harder on my practicing skills. I tend to stray from practicing (flute, piano, writing...) and I really want to work on focusing myself so that I can practice. My schedule doesn't allow me much time to practice, but I want to find some time anyways.

8-I want to expand myself. I always cower in fear towards things and I want to stop that. If someone offers me a food to try, I want to try it. I can't really think of most of my fears at the moment, but I want to stop being so afraid.

I'm not sure if this is the final list, but this is what I came up with.

My PotW is going to be Alex Ott, because I love her and she hasn't been it yet (like how did that happen?)

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Tim said...

Good job on setting goals for 2008 and actually manifesting progress in several of them! That's something I can't seem to do.

nests - these look more and more like real words... and then you actually get one