Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weekend Plus.

So I thought I should tell you all about my weekend. It was superbly amazing. I got to go clubbing on Friday night. I've already told you about that. Then the fun part came.

It was about 11:10 when we finally left Oxford. We reached our destination about 10 minutes late for the movie, but when we got there, it still hadn't started. We sat in our seats, waiting for it to begin, but finally they came in and told everyone it wasn't going to work and they would give us all readmission tickets. So we all left angry, but we had to wait for Luke's mother to come back and pick us up. While waiting, we all decided that it wasn't practical to give us readmission tickets because we'll never go to the movies again, nor will we go to a movie theater that costs 10 dollars a ticket if we did go, so we wanted cash back. Well, just as we were complaining to the lady at guest services about this, she got a message from a worker that the movie was now working. She asked if we would still like to see it, duhhhh, so we got to see Rent. We were the only ones in the theater. It was just as amazing, if not more, than the actual show. When I went to see the real show, I had crappy seats and the Roger wasn't that great, but here everyone was absolutely amazing. The camera was always on the right people, the color was fantastic, and I was moved. I started crying at the Another Day part, because it was that song that started me on my journey towards being with Jay. I cried until intermission, dried my tears, just to begin crying again in Act 2. I don't know when I started crying, but I know I was crying during Without You all the way to the end of the show. The musical has a way with feelings, emotions, actions, words, looks, greatness, familiarity and love. It was just beautiful.

After Rent, we went to Luke's house. This kid has an AMAZING house. Absolutely amazing house. Everything I ever dreamed of having in a house is in Luke's. He has an open space of a first floor, meaning instead of doors to each room they're just entrances. He has a beautiful sunroom with a stunning floor and super comfy chairs. The TV is huge. The stone fireplace just makes it perfect. He has a great kitchen and a piano room and a computer room. He has a piano in the middle of the house. Who has two pianos? Honestly. But he has one sitting in the middle of the house. Now, if his house wasn't perfect enough, he has horses. He has an arena to walk around and a horse barn with two horses. Talk about perfect living.

So anyways, when we got there, we ate dinner and then rode horses. :D Katie unfortunately had a bad ride, but that was because she was listening to Luke's mom when she was getting the directions and I was just doing what I had learned before, which is not what the horse should be learning now. The horse is trying to learn voice commands with no rein and no kicking. Those should only be reinforcers if the voice doesn't work. So while the horse wasn't very cooperative with Katie, at least she was training it the way Luke's mom is training it instead if me making it worse by reiterating what it already knew and was trying to steer away from. But I had a fun ride. I didn't go past a trot, but I don't like doing anything faster in circles anyways, so I guess that was okay.

After horses, Luke played piano for us and then we went on a Wilmington tour, which really wasn't very tourish and I demand a re-tour next time I come. *pouts* But we did get to go to Wendy's :D Eating dining hall food after Wendy's is a bad idea. Wendy's was absolutely amazing and I want to go there again. Already.. haha.

We made a stop at Walmart and at the movie store before dropping Patrick off and going back to Luke's. I fell asleep in his comfy couch when the movie just started. I was just petting Trixie and each stroke just got slower and slower until I was out. Gone. Makes me miss my dogs.

I woke up once around 7 and then again around 9 to the beautiful sun shining through the windows. As if that hadn't been my dream for the past 18 years. And then while I was reading my book, beautiful piano completes the perfection. Honestly, best weekend of my entire life.

The rest of this week has been blah in comparison. Classes are starting to get boring. I'm getting sick. Etc.

This weekend is parent's weekend. So maybe that'll be fun.

I'm gonna start POTW again. This week it's going to be Luke's mommy (Mrs. Williams). She was so nice to me on the carride back and the entire weekend.

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