Sunday, October 19, 2008

Topic for Nanowrimo

Well, I'm not positive this is going to be the topic, but it is a very interesting topic that I feel I could write a billion words for. It's kind of controversial, so I'm not sure how any of you would like it....

I'm going to write about the topic of sexual orientation and sexual desires of college students. I feel that this is a huge topic introduced to me here at Miami. A lot of people I meet are either bi or gay. But I feel that everyone can be anything, depending on the person they're around or whatever. I think that people fall in love with people, not sexes. I'm going to try to write a story about a girl on a journey with her friends to discover who she is, what she likes, and how she finds love.

I know it sounds weird, random, and non-doable, but I like the topic and that's what I want to write about.

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Moria said...

.....why?! haha. i dont think i could WRITE a novel about sexual desires of college students haha:p