Tuesday, October 14, 2008


ENG 113 (freshman comp) -> A
ENG 124 (intro to fiction) -> A-
ENG 226 (intro to Creative Writing)-> A
MUS 101 (music theory)-> B-
MUS 151 (sightsinging and dictation)-> A
MUS 189 (history of western music) -> A

unreported, but known
BOT 131 (plants, humanity, etc) -> C+
MUS 106 (marching band) -> A

I slept through MUS 101 on Wednesday, a day we turned in a 100 point assignment, which is why my grade is so low in that class. ENG 124 is low because I got a B+ on my paper, and BOT is so low because I completely bombed the exam (78%).

I plan on bringing those grades up.


Tim said...

Overall, though, not bad! Keep it up!

Moria said...

for college grades, that really isnt that bad andrea:p except maybe for BOT just cause it doesn't really seem like your thing:p

Laurel said...

eng eng eng mus mus mus msu...bot

haha, it definitely looks like you are going to be an english and music major, i can see why your friends would think that. Even though MUS 101 is a B everything else is an A so thats really good, and really you aren't a science major..no one likes science anyways right? so screw BOT!