Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been branded.

So for the first time in my life, I needed my ID because I did something only 18 year olds could do- go to a dance club. We went out around 10:30 (lame freshman that we are, but Leah was ready to go, so whatever). We finally found a place that wasn't private-partied off and decided to go there. I finally for the first time ever got x's on my hand from going to a party/club/something. :D:D:D hahaha.

No one was there yet, but Leah, being her birthday and all, started dancing anyways. Katie and I saw a free popcorn machine. Popcorn lover + free popcorn = absolute bliss. We met this cool guy named Randy, who is actually a pretty cool guy who lives in my dorm and I never knew! We also met this really cool girl named Chelsea. Both of them were friends of Leah back in high school. So anyways, once I got my fill popcorn, I was good to go dancing. I didn't know most of the songs, but Mark knew like all of them so it was great. I actually didn't start having fun until Leah left, around 12:30, and then we left around 1 because a bunch of drunk people were dancing on the floor with us.

After we were done dancing, six of us (Katie, Mark, Luke, Randy, Chelsea and I) went to my room to watch a movie. We ended up not getting it started until who knows when because we lost my phone and then we lost Luke's phone. Finally we started watching Thank you for not smoking, but I honestly couldn't tell you what any of it was about. We were fidgety the whole time.

But anyways, I finally got x's on my hands. And unlike Katie's who never wash off, mine are gone. haha

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Tim said...

Free popcorn is good. The Pitt Band performed at a high school band show in West Mifflin on Saturday, and they gave us all free popcorn afterwards (but no water).

Glad you had fun!