Friday, September 12, 2008

Fourth Year, Four Hundredth Post.

So I've been using blogger for less than four years, and I have finally hit the 400 post point. That's kind of exciting. :D

I've met a lot of people here at college and that makes me really excited as well. College is a great place to meet people, though I have yet to meet nearly as many people as I did in high school. I figure after this year, I'll know a whole lot more people.

Anyways, let me introduce you to a few.

Luke Williams. He's this great piano boy who is also really good at being my friend (despite the hitting). The most we've gone without each other since our arrival on this campus is 16 hours. He plays piano for me and I entertain him with my shallowness and blondness and well, everything about me that is entertaining. We're both pretty crazy...I'm double majoring with a music minor and he's double majoring in piano and physics! Crazy boy. He's also doing marching band, steel band and jazz band along with academic team and some physics thing. 24 credits. I'm not that crazy, I'll tell you later in this post what I'm doing.

Katie Robison. Roomie #1 ('cause I met her first). She's pretty spontaniously amazing. She stalks Luke with me, only she stalks him for physics and I stalk him for music. She likes to exercise and do engineering stuff.

Shanna Fair. Singer Extraordinaire. She got into choraliers. Lucky goose. Well, whatever. I'll get into a choir eventually. She's an English Ed major with me, so it's nice that we're both off to do the same stuff. Also roomie.

Kristin Smith. Bedmate. She's a science-y person, unlike me, but she's sweet and she runs a lot, too. She and I are never in the room together, but when we are, she "lol"s without laughing out loud! It's quite miraculous.

Zach Kitzler. My hugboy. Zach is the sweetest guy ever who likes boys and drama, but he's cute and gives really good hugs. I love hugs. :D He's also in my botany class, so we help each other to not fall alseep. :D

Emily Rogers. Radio Partner. She's really cute. She was a Music Ed major, but now she's a Marketing major, which is just as cool, but really, really different.

Freshman Circle (Leah, Josh, Mark, Jay) These guys are super fun. We started freshman circle at the first band party because we're that cool, and have just been hanging out since. :D

Erin/Jenni/Sarah. These guys make a cute threesome, and we talk lots. I like them because they're funny and play flute ('cept Erin). GO BAND!

Creative Writing Group (Alisha, Meg, Max, and Corey). These guys are hysterical. Period.

So I haven't met a lot of people, but the people I have met are amazing!

So things I'm currently in.

Radio. I have a show every Sunday at 1pm. Starting Sept 22 (So whatever Sunday comes after that.) So that's kind of super exciting :D Emily Rogers and I talk about showtunes and classical music. It's pretty much amazingness likewhoa.

Stage Left. Musical theater. They're doing batboy this semester, so I'm trying out. I'm not gonna get a part, but it never hurts to try out. I might want to do costumes or set design possibly.

Recensio. This is the yearbook. I'm not sure if I'm going to do this or not. I want to, but it's a lot of time that I may or may not have. So I'll apply and see if I get in.

Athletic band. I want to play at the hockey and basketball games :D It seems like so much fun and I really, really want to do it. Likewhoa.

OSEA. Ohio Students Educators Association. By joining this, I get a whole lot of things accomplished as a teacher. I get magazines, free Praxis study guides, go to conferences, and a ton of stuff that will help me as a teacher.

AmericaReads. This is my job. It'll be between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and possibly on Fridays. I'll work probably 7 hours a week teaching children how to read. I'm really excited for that. Not only is this great because I love reading and love children, but it'll help me get the skills I need for teaching in the real world.

Miami Book Club. We read.

I think that's it for now. I'm off to bed.
Nighty night!

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Tim said...

I'll have to listen for you... apparently WMSR, like most college student radio stations, streams online. If I'm free at that time on any given Sunday (and can remember), I might listen to you at 13:00 ET!

Also... were you counting drafts when you said you hit 400 posts? Because your archives only add up to 387.