Saturday, September 13, 2008

Football Filled Weekend

So, football this weekend. This morning we have to be at the stadium at 10:15 to warm up the band for our pregame concert (what on earth is a pre-game concert??? haha) and then we have to play for some "walk" thing, and then we have the bandday music where the high schoolers play for us. Lunch comes sometime in there, and then we have the game. Pregame first and then halftime. One thing I love about pregame that I wish I could do is go "M....I....A.MIMiiiiiiami MMMMMMM IIIIIIII A M I MIIIIIAMI (dadadadaa dadadadad) I love marching band!" (or as the rest of the band says...."won't you suck me off! (pleeeeease)" And then after the football team comes, someone says "here they come" and the rest of the band goes "run you fat b-------" It's actually really funny, and even though I don't say the bad parts, I love it, but you can't hear it sitting out, so that sucks. But stands music is fun, so that I get to play. Wahoo! Now, last game I had to leave before halftime because I was really sick, so I'm really hoping I don't have to leave early again for this game because I felt like a cowardly weakling having to do that before.

So after my entire day today is taken up by this game, tomorrow we will be playing at the Bengals game. By we I mean the band that isn't me, since I'm an alternate. I like being an alternate, even though the other people don't like it, because I don't have to worry about marching band. I have 18 other credits to be worrying about.

Go Band!

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