Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No School :D

So today we do not have school, which is really nice. I still have work at 4, but until then I plan on just relaxing and getting stuff done. I did want to tell everyone about my final report card status.

AP Calculus 89% B (4.0)
Economics 90% A (4.5)...84% on the final....90% in the class.
Gym 100% A (1.0)
AP Latin V 93% A (5.0)
AP English II 83% B (4.0)
Honors Physics 85% B (3.5)
Band 98% A (4.0)
Chorus 99% A (4.0)

So I ended up with three Bs, English being my lowest grade due to the D she decided to give everyone on the last essay. Overall I feel I did very well. I worked probably the hardest ever this nine weeks, but I just had a lot of classes that were throwing a lot at me and I just couldn't keep up with my grades. I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't get Calc up to an A, but I'm going to do it for this nine weeks! We've been doing a lot of projects in physics- we have yet another one coming up. Government we have a big project.

Speaking of government, that class is crazy. I'm hoping to get an A in it, but it seems pretty hard. Mr. Miller likes me though, which may or may not help. I just never seem to know what's what in that class. We have a presentation due the day I come back from Jay's college, so we'll see how that goes. I think my group and I need to meet sometime this weekend to get our project together.

I still need to get costumes for musical. If we do not have practice on Friday, I may go after Laurel and I go see a movie, if that ends up happening. If not, I'll go get costumes without seeing Laurel.

I'm excited for musical, even though it's not going to be the best. Tradition needs to get together more and be less random and :-\. But most of the other songs are going pretty well. I think.

I don't really have much to update on, so there we go for now, I suppose.


Tim said...

I wish I could go see your musical, especially because I haven't seen Fiddler since I was way too young to care (when my then-future high school did it). But I remember liking it.

Sadly, that's my Spring Break week, and I won't know until at least 3 March where I'll be each day (Girard; Pittsburgh; Hartford, CT; New York, NY). :(

The best chance is that I'll be in Pittsburgh that Wednesday night and someone has an extra ticket for me.

But break a leg nonetheless!

Moria said...

I'm glad you got your teacher to bring your physics grade up:) come to band you doof!:p