Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taking the Time to Achieve my Goals

Today is officially New Years. So I officially have to start my resolutions.

1. Girly: Today I didn't do anything girly. Tomorrow will be the start of this goal.

2. Look Good: I walked to the trolley and from the trolley. That's about all the exercise I did today. Tomorrow I want to try and get a yoga CD from Barnes and Noble so I can start that. I also have Aerobic Dance tomorrow.

3. Give More: I didn't do anything that would be considered "giving more" today. I didn't give my time to anybody, nor did I help the community. I plan on having a flute lesson with my sister tomorrow night after work, though.

4. See Friends: I'm making plans to hang out with Erin O'Boyle on Thursday, as well as Jay Benze. Laurel and I have a day planned for next Saturday.

5. More Cultured: My bedtime book tonight is Angels and Demons. I plan on finishing it by the end of this week and writing a review for you :D I am also going to do some research into this campaign that I know nothing about. That'll go onto my current events blog, so we'll see how that goes.

6. New Job: I grabbed an application for Bed Bath and Beyond. We'll see how that goes.

7. Write More: I wrote the prompt for today. It was pretty exciting. I'll type it up tonight or tomorrow.

8. Sleep More: We'll see how tonight goes. I don't have too much homework to do. Only Latin and English. So I think I might get to bed early tonight.

9: Take More Pictures: Well, I don't have my camera right now, so that isn't exactly possible. But I definitely plan on taking more pictures this week.

I think for the first day I'm doing okay. These are all long term, so there's no need to rush everything. I'm going to make a book list that I plan on reading for the next couple months. I'll post that when it's ready. So that's it for now.
:D Enjoy 2008


Laurel said...

Those are good goalsd i need to type mine up too

Tim said...

Sounds like you're doing well already! Good luck with the 365 days that remain!