Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chelsea Bright: Business Major

I was asked to do some research on colleges for a couple of people: Chelsea Bright and Tricia Burford. Chelsea wants to go to school for Business, and Tricia wants to go to school for Meteorology, Physical Therapy, Zoology, Architect, and Oceanography. Tricia is a lot harder because there is not one school that offers all of those, so she wants me to try and find one that has maybe 3 of them if possible. I finished Chelsea's and found 16 colleges with her criteria (she hasn't taken the SATs yet though), and I browsed the colleges on to find that about 5 would be good for her. So now that she's done, I need to focus on Tricia.


Tim said...

"Meteorology, Physical Therapy, Zoology, Architect, and Oceanography"?

Someone needs to realize you can't do everything...

But hey, if she's got the talents, maybe she can do some as hobbies? Perhaps she could be a zoologist and oceanographer for a real job, but be an avid meteorologist at home (like having a weather station and calling in the conditions to the local stations). She could then be the "handyman" of the house to whet her architecture whistle, and give everyone backrubs for PT? I don't know... It sounds impossible, but if she really thinks and prioritizes, she should be able to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Connie Delintio said...

hah that sounds like something Tricia would do:p She could build stuff in a zoo and study all the animals she puts in there and it could be by the ocean and she can work part time at a physical therapy place..and for the meteorology thing...she can tell everybody about the weather:p(which she does a lot anyways:p) Andrea you're amazing at this stuff im so suprised how easily you found your college(and how i found mine)