Saturday, May 26, 2007


It was really nice. But here's the story of my prom day:

I woke up at 6:15 by a call from my mom at work. I quickly got dressed into my pink, black, and white outfit :-P haha as it's now gonna be called (like i'm ever gonna wear that again :-\). Jay picked me up and drove me to school, which was really nice of him. Then I checked into homeroom and walked over to Jay's so we could go down to the assembly together. (I've just been autosaved!) The assembly was kind of boring and like :-\ because they talked about not driving drunk and making safe decisions. But I guess some people do need to hear it? (This autosaves a lot!) Anyways, after the assembly they gave out the tickets that said "Get *insert discount* off your prom tux!" and we laughed because if you didn't already have your tux...well, you were cutting it pretty close. The tickets also came with a flower and a note for the boys to give to the girls' mothers saying "I promise to keep your daughter safe...." It's pretty nice of them to do that, and I personally found it very very adorably cute. The rest of the day was :-\ because I only had half of first period, second period study hall, and chem until I got to leave for prom (at 10:00) Which was really nice.

Jay and I went to his house and picked up our picnic-ing supplies and went to this one park in USC to have a picnic. I really enjoyed it, but after like, an hour and a half we got bored so we went and hung out at my house for like, forty five minutes until Jay was expected home and I needed to shower before my hair got done. So then after my shower, I still had some time so I took a short nap that didn't involve any sleep at all (unfortunately), and then my aunt arrived. We looked at hairstyles online for about an hour or so until my mom came and asked her opinion. Libby got to my house around 3 'cause she took my bus and so then she started on my nails while my aunt did my hair, and about an hour later I was done (with a lot of screaming and whining and etc).

Jay got to my house around 5, so at about 4:45 we quickly threw on my dress and searched for my shoes. At five Jay and I got pictures taken at my house with my mom, my aunt and my little sister and then went over to his house to get pictures taken as well with his parents. I left my passport at home so we had to go back for it and then we went to the mall and had Gabby snap some pictures of us at the fountain in Roxy Cafe. We still had like forty five minutes before prom started, so we stopped at Wendy's to get some food (which later came in handy 'cause the dinner at prom was pink).

Once we got to prom, we all waited for it to open, so we talked to a few people we knew. We did the same once we were inside because there were still a lot of people that needed to get in. There were sooo many juniors and non-seniors there because there were hardly any senior-senior pairs. It was a little depressing because it's supposed to be a senior prom. But I guess there's nothing I can do about it. Everyone was absolutely gorgeous like whoa. I was a little jealous, but I mean, whatever. I was pretty-ish too. I was glad I saw a lot of people I knew though, 'cause they made me feel happy to be at prom.

Dinner came at like 7:30 and we all started eating. The bread was good, and I ate the cucumbers off the salad and stuff. But when our food got there, it was pretty pink. Which was pretty :-\. I ate about 3/4 of mine without it being too bad, but the one side was like super-pink, so Jay and I switched 'cause his was like....opposite of pink- super-hard. I had one piece of his and was like "I don't wanna be sitting here chewing all night" and he didn't like mine 'cause it was too pink, so he ate the rest. The chicken was pretty okay, but a lot of people got pink chicken too. So the food was kind of disturbingly pink. Everyone else had some cheesecake- I gave my piece to Vic- and then we all got up and started either getting pictures taken, doing charact..whatever...drawings of us...or our handwriting analyzed.

Jay and I went and got pictures before dinner, so we went to getting a sketch drawn of us. It was really funny because Jay looked like he was a lot older because he made his glasses square and stuff, and I looked a lot older too. So if we keep that for a long time, we can say it was from when we were 30. Haha. Oh well. Then we walked outside for a little bit, but I was mostly cold so we came inside quickly. We got our handwriting analyzed at one point. The wait was like 45 minutes. But it turns out I'm stubborn and don't like the opposite sex because of my un-connection wtih my father. All of which is pretty true. She did say I'm pretty optimistic though, which is true 'cept as of lately. I'm very open and carefree and leave room for others because I scribble most words out. Oh, and my cursive P's are very very odd 'cause she's never seen anyone do them like that before. haha. Jay's said he was really smart and wild and crazy. haha. Pretty true. And he's very open and doesn't lie. So I guess she was pretty good at that.

Well, a few more things happened at prom, like we danced for one song or maybe two, but we went outside and I got really really tired. So I slept on Jay for almost an hour and then went and slept on a couch for another two hours until prom ended. I feel really bad for sleeping at Jay's prom, but I couldn't stay awake any longer. Jay says he's okay with it, so I'm hoping he's not lying, although the lady above said he wasn't a lier, so I guess I ought to believe him. I slept until the end of prom, and then Jay carried me to the car and I probably slept on the way home (I can't remember). Jay dropped me off at my house and went to go party at Eat n Park with Liz.

So that's prom. I'll tell you about afterprom in another post (if i'm up to it.)


Miles C. said...

Wow, I don't read blogs anymore, but I get the 1st comment! Whoa!

You were amazingly pretty...not just prettyish

Tim said...

Caricatures? I love how you ended up going to Wendy's beforehand. But who would expect anything different?

Glad you enjoyed everything, despite the pinkish food and the sleeping. Oh, well. Not everything can be perfect.