Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i know i'm getting VERY VERY behind on this and everything else, but i just have no life and no umph lately. i'm trying though.

Andrea Day today was very fun. I woke up to 6 messages saying "Happy Andrea Day", which made me feel really special, even if three of them were Tim's random friends :-P. Then when I got to homeroom, Alyssa had a present for me. She was going to give me her sister's neat bag/purse a while ago, but she gave it to me today for Andrea Day, and then Laurel gave me some cucumber melon (The bestest ever) spray and lotion and stuff. Libby had previously bought me a shirt. I really didn't need the stuff, but it makes me feel really special to know that other people think of me. Then school went on and Jay made me feel really conceited for having an Andrea Day, but I don't care because I don't get a whole birthday to myself like he does, so it's okay to have Andrea Day. So then I came home and can't remember what I did, but then I had a concert and then came home.

It was one of my better days.

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Tim said...

So yeah... I just got this random idea at 23:50 last night to surprise you with like 10,000,000 random "Happy Andrea Day" messages. I was hoping you'd be awake at 00:00, but who cares?

The fact is it's Andrea Day!!! Enjoy!