Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Quiz

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Tim said...

I got 80... silly Castle Shannon. And how'm I supposed to know your favorite colors with that much certainty?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

hahah. well, you did very well for only meeting me once. :-P

Miles C. said...


That was really stressful...haha.

Laurel said...

I missed your favorite colors, i put purple, green, and blue...and then what was the other one I missed...oh and that you had 5 blogs...which is ridiculous i should have known that haha, i forgot the picture one! ...So I took it again so I could remember the second question i missed and I got them all right! haha

Anonymous said...

80... and I was doing so well! (Honestly if I can get 80 the quiz is too easy :-P)

Tim said...

Average: 88.
Std. Deviation: 10.95.

Mode: 80.

I like that I'm in the mode.

Source: some college education in the sciences