Friday, February 16, 2007

In the weeks since February began....

Guys, I haven't really informed you on anything that's been going on my life in a long time. I've been through a lot these past couple of weeks, with homework coming out all over the place, so I'm just going to go over my life since February started.

The first week of February was stress week for me. Our english project was due on the fifth (we didn't turn it in until the 8th, but i'll explain that later). Well, the english project consisted of a 10 page paper as well as a fully decorated binder that contained all our research, all of our work. Everything. And it had to be neat, organized, and decorated. Jane and I had spent two weeks decorating already, and were prepared to spend the whole weekend doing so again. From Friday-Sunday I was over Jane's house, working on our project. Jane and I both ignored our papers as we tried to get the binder done. It was very frustrating. Sunday we were told that we would have off on Monday due to weather. This was great. We had more time to work on the binder (still not touching our papers). Monday evening rolled around and we still did not have anything from the boys. Tuesday we got off again, and this time Jane and I finished all of our things we needed for the project, except for the tabs (which we never got around to). The boys came over for about 20 minutes, and then that was that.

Both Jane and I had a horrible time writing our papers, and it showed in our grades that we recieved on them. Needless to say, Mark and Jeff both did excedingly well, with A's.

That whole weekend I did not do any homework for any class other than english. I failed 2 history quizes (0/20) just so I could finish the project. It was one of the most stressful times of my life.

The 9th of February I had a talent show to do with my little sister. I finally got to work on my history vocab, which had been haunting me for quite some time now. I got about 60 words done that night, out of the needed 150 for that monday. Saturday and Sunday I worked on nothing but the vocabulary words, and by sunday night at 11:30, I was finished. I didn't study for the test, earning me a 76% on it, but I finished the vocabulary, which is all i needed for now.

Of course, all of you know I've been trying to juggle two jobs, and now it's getting pretty desperate ebecause I was going to work out my schedule with the two jobs this week, but I lost my phone. I hope Sears doesn't get the wrong impression. I am going to try and look up Erin's number tonight so I can call tomorrow, or I may just visit. I'm not sure. I think I have a plan figured out though, which is nice.

This week was supposed to be the PSSAs, but alas, we had two days off again (tuesday and wednesday). Well, Jay and I got together on Tuesday for valentines day (yes the awful v-day....and I celebrated). haha. It was pretty nice, more than pretty nice, and I loved it, as I love him. We got to watch the notebook, a girl movie, and it was fun. I got a lot of skittles which I have not even made a dent in, and well, I just had so much fun.

Today is well, today- Friday. If all goes as planned, I'll be going to girlscouts tonight and then Jay will be coming over to help me with the SATs. Then tomorrow I work at Giant Eagle until 8:30, and then we're going to Canada.

Basically, I've been over busy, overworked, and undercredited. Bleh.

But at least now you're all informed.


Anonymous said...

lost your phone?! that's not good. i did that once last year; it was at the bottom of my hamper, in the pocket of a pair of jeans. had quite a couple of missed calls at the end of that week

Tim said...

Consider yourself credited. Hope you find your phone.

Laurel said...

You lose your phone a lot...well I don't really know how much is normal, but this is the second time that i can remember! But yes it is really hard for you with 2 jobs, losing your phone, all that homework, i give you lots of credit!

Miles C. said...

But you get 3 free phones a year!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

they aren't free. they cost 50 dollars.

but i guess that's better than 300?