Saturday, September 02, 2006

Update on My Life

Well, there's been some new things in my life recently.

We had our first football game last night. I think I might've lost my voice. I haven't said much since I woke up, though, because my throat hurts to much.

I saw LIZ at the football game, with her black emo hair. I really like that girl a whole whole lot. I miss her so so much, it's not even funny.

I'm a soprano in chorus. So are Jane, Laurel, Megan, Brandi, and all the cool people ever. We're really loud together. Like whoa.

I never get to see Jay. That's nto really an update, because that's how it always seems, but those two weeks of bandcamp I saw him a lot. At least the second week I did.

Kennywood Monday. Guess who with? Yep- JAYYYYYYYYYYYY. hehe. I love that place and taht boy a whole lot.

I have a 100% in science, but I just failed my first history test, so :-\ that's not too good. English I missed one question on that test. Latin- yick. I did horrible.

Moria and I volunteered in band yesterday to play part of a song. She accidentally played A natural instead of Ab, but other than that, we did really really really amazing.

There's not much else...

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TJ said...

Sometimes the simplest updates on life make the best blog posts...