Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now for my Liz story

My freshman year of highschool was starting, and I was a young, naive kid (still am) who decided to take some crazy class called "Theater Arts 1". I walked in on the first day, and I was seated next to a boy named Jordan Walsh. About a week or two into school, there was a very...weird girl who kept going over to Jordan and being like "Omg I love you". At first I was like, 'Maybe they're going out?' But by his recations to her...I don't even know what to call it, I had a feeling that wasn't it. This girl would always be around our couch- the one Mandi, Jordan and I sat on. Mandi seemed to be friends with her, so since Mandi and her were friends, and she was always teasing Jordan, I became to know her. Well, sort of.

I don't even think I knew her name, and I would start to help her be all over Jordan. I would let her sit in my seat. I don't even know why I did it. I think I was facinated by her openness, and I think I wanted to befriend her.

I would go to football games as a flagett, and she'd be there with her cymbals next to the rope that seperates the band from the nonband, and I would give her and her friends food. It became a routine for us, and I think we became friends somewhere in there.

About halfway through the school year (yes I knew her name by now), Liz asked me to be in a production called Wicked. I only knew the show from her singing Popular everyday in class. I was just like..."umm". She took that as a yes, and all of the sudden, I was in Wicked.

I don't even think anybody could describe Wicked, at least not fully to where someone could actually vicariously even semi-imagine the amazingness of it. (that didn't even make sense). I got to know Liz a lot more when she was doing Wicked. She had her happy times and her sad times, and she was very good at letting people know how she was feeling.

In TA, Liz and I started sitting next to eachother, and becoming really close. We would usually just talk the whole class period about...I don't even know what, and ignore the fact that we were still in a class (not like that's hard with the couches and Mr. Nagel). Everything was just amazing. One time we actually had to get up and into a circle and we'd have one person in the middle, doing some pantamime thing, and then someone would jump in and do their own from the position they stopped the last person at, and Liz was before me, so I would always stop her as soon as she started so that she didn't have to even really make anything up.

Back to Wicked: I guess since Liz knew me, she could tell that I liked Jay, even though I consistantly said I didn't. She made me be his dance partner in dancing though life. She seemed to know me more than any other person.

We talked a lot over aim that summer, and saw eachother next during BandCamp (yay?). I didn't usually hang out with her at band camp, but I still did see her and sometimes talk to her. We would always be singing "What is this feeling" (from Wicked). We would always mess around with the cymbals, and I actually considered becoming a cymbal player because of her.

About two or three weeks before my birthday, we became closer because of a few little words, "Liz, I actually do like Jay". Yes, she probably figured it out, but her hearing it from me made all the difference. From then on, we talked and talked a lot more, and became best friends. She would always try to get Jay and me together, even though I wasn't ready. At our "bowling" night before homecoming, Liz kept making comments about us two together and everything. At our Wendy's trips, I always had to sit next to Jay. Her and I talked about boys a lot. About her and Jordan, Timmy, Kyle, and all these other boys. And about Jay and me.

I told Jay I liked him in late November, and a little later, Liz, Jay and I became best friends. It was us three everywhere. We would go to the mall (once they both came with me to get my phone fixed) and visited Liz's atthetime job ("I work there!"), they would steal me from work parties, we were at wendy's almost every other day, and everything else.

Liz and I would walk from 6-7 (my band/her lunch to my math/her spanish) meeting up with Jay in building 2, and then after that class, Liz and Jay came out of building 2 and I came out of building three, and we'd meet at the bottom and Jay would cross over into building 3 and Liz and I would go to building 2 (we walked up the stairs and into the door up there). Then Liz and I would usually go to the bathroom almost everyday and spend the first five or so minutes of class time talking to eachother. It was really amazing. After 8th period, we'd meet up at my locker, and she would go to chorus and I walked with her until I came to the bottom of building one and went to science. That was my favorite walk of the day, because we became really close with that. She would sing a lot when she was happy, and talk if she wasn't.

New Years was like a lot of fun. Jay and I were the first to arrive, and the three of us took "myspace pictures" and laughed and had fun. Oh, and Liz had a "Jaime face" and we got a picture of that too. It was all so amazing. Then Erin came, and Erin and Liz started just being together, and Jay and I took that as a "okay, then we'll be together right now" sort of thing. We all played Mario and if I hadn't knocked the ...thing over then Jay and I would've totally won. Jay had to leave early, but Liz, Jaime, Erin and I stayed later. We all went downstairs and annoyed her brother. She sat on my lap (or laid in it, or something), Erin sat in the other comfy chair, and Jaime got some crappy chair far away. (We didn't do it on purpose?).

I slept over Liz's a couple times, and we would talk until late, and everything. One time was before a hoagie sale, so at around 12:30, we called up Keith, and annoyed him for a little bit with Liz's singing, and well, our keeping him up. We had fun with basically everything we did.

Then came the 2nd semester, and Liz would no longer be going to building 2 after period 7, and Liz and I lost our talks before 8th, during 8th :-P, and after 8th. Then came the time when she was a lead in a school musical, and she would only talk to Jay before she went now to building 4. Then Wendy's trips slowed down. We became farther apart. We were still best friends, but we grew to not even really talk. We roomed together on the band trip, but we didn't talk much to eachother, and we never really spent alone time together, or with the three of us (Liz, Jay and me).

At her graduation party, I hung out with Jane instead of Liz, because she was busy with her other friends (and I totally understand that). And at Jenny's graduation party, Liz announced that she wanted to do Wicked again. I, knowing that she wanted this show for only specific reasons, reluctantly said yes. She was my best friend, after all. So this summer we put on Wicked again, and this one I can describe to you. We did amazing on stage, and very little went on behind the scenes. End of story.

Our last Wendy's trip was last night, and Jay and I couldn't let Liz go. I wish we would've done it on Sunday, so we could've had the whole night from after Jay worked until Jay had to be home at 11. Jay and I cried almost the whole way home, and I'm still crying. I won't see the most amazing person in the whole world for a long time. Even if I go to her "surprise party" tonight, it's not like she'll be hanging out with me and Jay. She has all these other friends she is going to want to be with.

I started highschool with Liz, and now I have to learn what highschool is like, without Liz. I don't even know how I'm supposed to do it. She's just so amazing beyond anything.

Okay I can't see what I'm typing anymore, so I'm gonna stop.


Laurel said...

Aww, Andrea! That is a very cute story, Liz is really amazing, I wish I knew her the way you do. Although then I would be sad too, and one of us needs to remain upbeat, if we don't both of us will just wallow in our sadness without hope of returning to our normal happiness, i know I can't fill liz's shoes, but I'll try to make it not as hard to get through highschool without liz!

Luv ya all!

Miles C. said...

I am gonna miss liz so much.

Thanks for being with me