Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day...Junior Year

Last year I posted about my first day of school, so this year I'm doing the same.

I'm going to start with the before school first.
My schedule was messed up when I recieved it the day they were handing it out. I was not placed in AP History. Now, I was put in a nice honors class, too, but I really wanted to take AP History (don't ask me why), so I ended up dropping a lunch, moving down to trig and analit instead of FST, and switching about 4 classes around to take this course. I would've been in like three of Laurel's classes, and now we only share chorus.

So onto the first day of school:

Homeroom: I have homeroom in building 2 this year, but not because I'm a sophomore. I am in yearbook homeroom, which means we get to have this homeroom with spinny chairs, computers, and amazing people, unlike the nasty desks and cold chairs in every other homeroom. We have an amazing homeroom teacher- Mrs Baker. Tim's mother also comes in occasionally. Vickie, Carolyn, Becca, Tara, Lauren, Timmy, and a bunch of others are in my homeroom. Oh, and I guess some weird girl named Laurel is too. (:DDDDDD). I'm only kidding. I love Laurel, and I love that we have homeroom together, which, if you haven't guessed by now, means we have Yearbook together as well. So, today in homeroom, we started out with a mandatory yearbook staff meeting, and figured out some prices for things, and are trying to think of a fundraiser, because we can't do lollipops again for the yearbook. We also talked about senior pictures. Which will not be so much fun to deal with. Then we were off to do our own thing. Laurel and I obviously hung out, and we made up ideal schedules and all this other fun stuff. We played on the computer until we realized that there's absolutely nothing we can go to. Oh well. Then we had our assembly at 8. Laurel and I sat together, and we were in the front with the rest of yearbook, and Valerie Alstadt.She's this really sweet girl that is so going to be our validictorian or something she's so amazingly smart. It was fun hearing the kids reactions to the announcements at the assembly. Afterwards, Laurel and I tried waiting for Alyssa, but we ended up not catching her. In yearbook again, we helped out the secretary of building 2, and talked until 1st period. Then Laurel and I departed.

First Period: Latin- technically AP Latin 4- is one of my favorite classes not because of the learning, but because of the kids in the class. We have all been together since 7th grade, or at least a lot of us. It is a combined class with 3,4, and 5, so some of the kids we just joined with last year, and some new kids joined with us this year, but other than that, it's pretty much the same people. There's this new kid this year, Andrew Barney, who sits behind me. I think I scared him because I was like "OMG My name is Andrea! We're going to get mixed up all year!!!!" And then I was like "OMG You're a JUNIOR?! Let me see your schedule". He's not in any AP classes, except Latin, which is honors for him becuase he's in level 3. Caitlin sat next to me, as always. And she's quiet, as always. She was saying how boring homeroom was now that Laurel switched to yearbook homeroom. It's pretty sad, but I'd rather be with Laurel than Caitlin, no offense to her or anything. Trae and Greg sit near me, and Ali (i with a slash thing above it...really cool) sits in front of me. I'm really excited for this class, even though acedemically I'm not going to do so well. We got this list of the 1400 where we have to know that many words by the end of the year.

Second Period: I have gym first semester, with a lab for chemistry on mondays. So since today was Monday (and still is for a little longer) I had lab today. With Mrs. Pritts. She's a little out there, but I didn't mind her. There are two juniors in the class- me and this boy that I don't know the name of. The rest of the kids are sophomores. Which makes me feel really stupid to be in an ACCELERATED HONORS class with a bunch of sophomores. And they're all going to do better than me, which is sad. Anyways, I know Jean Hoi (I don't know how to spell her name), so we talked a little bit. She's this genius who can play violin and piano like no other, as well as excell in millions of classes. She's taking AP Bio and Acc Honors Chem, and she's only a sophomore. She's going to take Physics next year, along with AP Chem. Mrs. Pritts scared me when we were talking about safety for a couple reasons. One- she didn't know how to use the shower- which once we got started it spat out this icky brown stuff. Then she was like "If you get acid in your eyes, or if you trip and fall over a spill, I'm going to laugh at you." And then follows with a bunch of laughter. When showing us the equipment, she grabbed beaker tongs and was like "These are nosepickers...." Then paused, laughed and said "No they aren't, I don't even know why I said that." So we'll see how that class turns out.

Third Period: Taken care of above- I have Chem third.

Fourth Period: As of now I have a study hall, because of the arrangements in my schedule, but I'm getting the first semester of the class changed into an office helper with Mr. K. I am going to try and schedule an appointment with Mrs. Kennedy and talk to her about the second half and see if I can get a class in for a half of a year. I would like to take psychology, but I doubt they offer that when I want it. Maybe I'll take that graphics class Laurel and Jay had last year that seemed like so much fun. Sean was talking to me about it, and it seemed like a really cool idea. Jay was supposed to be in this class with me for a little bit, but apparently he's all the way on the other end of the cafeteria. So I have Mr. August, who is very unorganized. He had to borrow a pen off of me, plus he had the kids just standing around him as he took attendance with my pen, and then he just sent me off to building one office without a pass, because he didn't have any on him. But I am going to be an office helper soon, maybe even tomorrow.

Fifth period: I have AP English 11 this period. There are twelve of us. Janie, Erica, Jordan and Brandon are a few of the people. Jordan, being W, sits next to me, and Jane sits two tables away from me. Hopefull we'll get seats rearranged at some point. Mrs. Wilhelm is one of the sweetest people ever. I don't think I've had such a nice English teacher in ever. She actually seems to know what she's doing, unlike all my previous english teachers in high school. We don't have to write out those 40 page or 20 page or wahtever papers anymore because instead we're just writing a lot of little papers. Which is fine by me. She's a very anal, clean teacher. We're not allowed to walk on her rug, she has purell and kleenex plus all these other neat little things. And I actually like that about her. She's thinking of her students, and the carpet is really cool 'cause it's for SSR and stuff. If I haven't said it before, I really like her. Oh, and she said she'll remember my last name, which is nice to know, considering they're the same.

Sixth Period: This is AP American History. I have this class with a lot of people, including Janie, Jordan Walsh (the three of us walk together to it), Nels, Kelly, and some other really cool people. Mr. Hare is really really nice, and he seems really really cool. I'll have to ask Jay what he's really like during class, though, because I don't know. He seems to be really good friends with Mr. Bouch, who was my teacher last year. And he seems to really like that a lot of kids are into history. I don't know, but there's something about him I really like. The class was fun. It was really relaxed today- especially for an AP class. We turned in our homework, learned about the way the class works, and all this other stuff. We get to keep our books at home, which is something I really like. I don't know if I would've liked to have to take that huge book back and forth between school.

Seventh Period: I have trigonometry and analitical geometry- trig and analit. It's a class for the notsosmart people, so I talked to Mr. Caufield after class and asked if I could teach myself FST so that I wouldn't totally slack off in the class from boredom. I'm not being mean, but if a class doesn't challenge me, my grades tend to slip because I'm not interested and I'm not paying attention. He said he'd give me a book tomorrow, so I don't know how that's going to work. Jay said I should try to get the class to count as an FST credit, but I don't know how to go about getting it to be. I'll see what I can do when I talk to Mrs. Kennedy. Anyways, I sit right behind Troy B. who I'm not a big fan of. I know a lot of people like him, but to me, he's really bigheaded, and thinks he's too good for anybody. I'm sure he's actually a really good person, but that's the impression he gives me. He kept turning around, and then laying back on my desk, and doing a bunch of other annoying things. I have the class with two cheerleaders and a bunch of other people that laugh at everything and gossip the whole class period. This is one class I'm not looking forward to, I'll tell you that much.

Eighth Period: Band. As in concert band. I'm really sad that I have to take this class, but I don't even think I'm going to audition for symphonic band next year because I want to be in chorus and latin next year as well, so I don't know. I'll figure that out later. Today Mr. B was out moving his daughter places and stuff, and so we had a sub. On the first day of school. Tricia is in my class, and so is Mike Shaefer, and Jamey. Katie Meihl is in my class- she's going to have first chair flute most likely because she is better than me. Nichole and Laura are in my class as well. Nicole isn't in my homeroom anymore, not like she was ever really in it anyways, but she asked me about it today, so I thought I'd bring it up. Anyways, this class is going to suck. Chelsea Bright is switching into it. I'm not very good friends with anybody in the class- everyone is in either 6th period band or they are cool enough for symphonic band. I'm really sad. I am actually thinking of dropping the whole class, taking a lunch 7th period, and taking FST 8th period.

Nineth Period: OMG CHORUS! I love this class. I walked into the chorus hallway, and there was Laurel, running towards me. I absolutely love that girl. We walked in, Brandi, Laurel, and I claimed a few seats. Virginia sat next to Laurel. Megan came in and we grabbed a chair for her. We all were saving a seat for Janie. When she came in, Mr. K was trying to quiet the class down, but there was me sqealing her name. hehe. But it's cool. I hope we're all altos together. One because Jane doesn't want to be a soprano in concert chorus because she's one in Top 21, so I want to be with her, which is with the altos. Also, I think I have a better alto voice than soprano. I don't know, but even if I don't, I can pretend. I actually think Laurel and I were built to be middles. hehe. Laurel and I were smiling this whole class. We're doing Thoroughly Modern Milly, which made Laurel estatic. I already knew, but when I found out, I was as happy as she was. hehe. After class we both made sure "Eight Balls" was changed to "Eight Bells". hehe. I'm going to enjoy that class so much, it's not even funny.

I think this school year is going to be hard, crazy and full of stress, but I think that I'll also have fun and enjoy myself. At least I hope so. Wish me luck?


Laurel said...

OMG I love how much you tell everyone that you love me! lol (platonically of course) lol that was for all those stupid ppl that ask that! And don't quit band, you like it! And also Chorus is going to be super amazingly cool, even though we are much better middles than anything else! And I love how mr. K brings up the eight bells thing!

Luv ya all!

Miles C. said...


I love you. Study hall was fun!