Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Last Night ♥

So kissing is a whole lot of fun, guys. I'm not even kidding. It's my new favorite thing to do. And I can only do it with one amazing person who is always busy. *sigh*. But I can tell you what we're going to be doing next time I see him. hehehe :-D. And I can tell you it will be amazingly superly fun. Because kissing is really fun. It's not disgusting, it's not scary, it's not anything but amazing. And it's all I really want to do.

Just thinking about last night is making me desperate to kiss Jay again. A whole lot. It makes me smile really really big as well. I really can't believe how much I love kissing. It sounds so weird too. I love kissing. hehehe.

I called Libby and told her, and she told me her normal "I told you so" that she tells me after everytime I go one step farther with Jay. She says she's going to tell everybody tomorrow morning, so by tonight everyone will know. I then called Jaime, and he said he was going to have a serious talk with Jay, but I told him that Jay wouldn't do anything bad anyways. And he thought I was the cutest thing, because of how happy and whatever I was. I told Laurel, and got another "I told you so". And then I told Lissa, and she told me I'll be having sex soon. I told her that that is still disgusting, but she told me that I once thought boys and kissing were disgusting too. But I'll tell you right now that I'm not going to have sex, at least not any time soon. I waited to like boys until I was ready, and I waiting to absolutely love kissing until I was ready, and I will wait until I'm completely ready to have sex before I go off doing it.

But maybe I'll describe how last night went. After a horrible day at work, Jay picked me up, and we went to his house. Then we went up to his bedroom and tried to find a movie, but found the bubble stuff instead, and started popping it. Then I read his door, and he kissed me a little, but I didn't really kiss back. I guess I had to get used to it first. Then we went downstairs, still looking for a movie, and finally found the Sting downstairs in his play station or something. Then we started watching it, and that's when I started kissing back, and enjoying it. The movie was really good. It reminded my of my Pappy, who used to live with us until he died. We would watch shows like that for hours. I didn't understand a lot of them, but for some reason I would never question him as I do everybody else. But anyways, the sting is pretty good, but we never got to the ending because we had to go to the fireworks. Jay's parents didn't go, because it was gonna be wet, and they didn't want to get rained on. So it was just Jay and me. And we kissed some more, but nothing really serious, just regular kisses. And I really really really liked them. The fireworks had a really long delay of sound, which Jay pointed out, and it was really funny. I'm seriously obsessed. haha. Anyways, then we went back to his house, got on the computer for a little bit, and then we left for Jay to take me home. And then we kissed a whole lot more. <3 the end.



Miles C. said...

haha...looks like i'm not the only one that says "I told you so." Jaime and Lissa have nothing to worry about though...I don't want to have sex either.

TJ said...

See, there you go.

Miles C. said...

at least he didn't say "i told you so"

Laurel said...

LOL, ok well I think I was a combination of everyones reaction, I said I told ya so, and I said you were cute for being all happy, and I told you not to have sex. But just this side note on 'I told ya so' yeah it is really fun and that is y I told you, because it is really really really fun. That is something I have noticed, you and I just have to keep each other in check and make sure that isn't all that our relationships become. I like chris and you like jay, lets keep that for the right reasons...and have fun too lol!
Luv ya all!