Thursday, June 08, 2006

A whole bunch of stuff

So our school year has officially ended today, and summer has begun (or at least summer vacation). It seems like it went by way too fast. I have grown a whole lot this year, and I'm hardly the same person I was last year, at all. I mean, I don't even have to go into it all, because the biggest change was Jay. And that's all I really have to say.

But to the point of this post, before I get all sappy-eyed and junk. For the past week, Laurel and I have been filing for Mr. K his chorus music. Most of it he inherited from past chorus teachers over forty years, some he's bought himself, and all of it was out of order. By the time we started, it was pretty much sorted A's with A's, B's with B's, etc, but a lot of it was out of order from then on. We started slowly, taking it folder by folder, drawer by drawer, checking off what we had, crossing off what we didn't, and writing in what wasn't on the list (the list was typed up from what we started with, but into alphabetical order, and this is what the song order was based off of). Well, after going through most of the list (cept for the end of the alphabet, which robert and alyssa supposedly did twice) about twelve million times, we realized that this wasn't going to work unless it was just laurel and i working on it, because we were better at communicating to one another, and we know our alphabet, unlike some people. well, we didn't realize this solution until today, so it still took us a while to get it to work. We stayed for about a half hour after school ended to finish up the end of the alphabet that we just didn't touch.

mr. k asked us to be office helpers next year, which he only asks of his top 21 kids, and liz. well, liz sort of invited herself to be an office helper. But we think it means he likes us. He seemed to have fun with us, because while we were reading the songs aloud, he kept coming in on the funniest ones and was like "you two are having too much fun". And we were. Well, at least we were when the band kids weren't there. It was really hard working in such a cramped space with both sides of the room being used, and we were all squashed together. Jay was one of the band kids. He was the enemy. Haha.

After we finished up though, we still had to wait for our parents to pick us up, since we stayed and msised our buses. Well, we decided to go to the mall with a total of Laurel's $9 and my $.40. We walked pretty fast, but we were laughing a whole lot, and talking even more. Laurel got a milkshake, and I got two tacos- I still owe Laurel $2, by the way.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble. We all should remember the last time we went there. Well this time we found a new book, called "Would you Rather". Well, it was a very interesting book. It brought up a lot of questions for Laurel and me to consider and stuff. I mean, it was hilarious. Check out Laurel's post for some of the questions. We spent the rest of our time together there. Then her mom picked us up and dropped me off at work.

Now, I did try out for symphonic band, although I knew I wasn't ready and I knew that I wasn't going to make it. But after everyone pushed me down the stairs with my broken knee and everything. I mean, I bet I would've made it if I wasn't shaking and so nervous that I sounded like I've never played the piece before. I think I can sightread pieces better than I played that song. I was just so nervous. He did say that I played the one really cool fast part like a professional, and the best he's heard it of all the try outs, which made me happy, but most of what he said was what teachers say to kids when they are trying to be as nice as possible, but the kid didn't make it, you know what i mean? He told me "You're getting there- you've definitely improved" My favorite thing he said to me though, and sounded like he meant, was that he wouldn't trade me for any other flute player no matter how good they were because I have the best attitude he has ever seen a kid have for band, and he never wants me to lose it, or something like that. He is also going to try to get me private lessons, because he thinks that's all I need to become a great flute player. I just think I'll never amount to what he needs for symphonic band. I may have a great attitude, and I may make the best of things, but I'm never really good at stuff, especially good enough for the next level. But I guess I'll live with being with the people who absolutely despise band and talk only about how much they hate it and how much they hate mr. b, which drives me crazy because I really like Mr. B. He's really nice, and really loves music. Maybe I'm wrong though, because I've been wrong before. I don't know. At least I'll be in chorus next year. Maybe Mr. K talked to him and told him no matter how good I am not to put me in symphonic band because he wants me in chorus. :-P. Or not, but it'd be better than not making it. I'd rather be told that I was good enough, but my schedule just couldn't fit it, rather than being told I'm not good enough. I don't know. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt that I didn't make it. It did. But not as bad as one might suspect. I don't think it would've been as bad if people didn't keep telling me lies. And telling me that I was good. I wish people would know that I'd rather hear the truth, and be told that I'm not good, at all, so that I don't have to go and embarrase myself by thinking I was good enough to try out for symphonic band.

Now I'm tired of typing, and tired just from the longness of the day. Walking is a lot of energy when you have a pretty badly injured knee. Maybe I'll reflect on my year or something tomorrow.


Laurel said...

I didn't lie, I think you are good!(although I haven't heard anyone apart from you and stephanie play flute, and compared to her you are a professional) and you played a Whole New World really well! Today was tons of fun!
Luv ya all!

TJ said...

A B C D E F G,
H I J K, L-M-N-O-P,
Q R S, T U V,
W X, Y and Z.

Now I know my alphabet song.
Next time, don't you sing it wrong!

See? I know it, too!

Kelly said...

hey andrea!
well i've never really heard you play the flute but i HAVE heard you play the're REALLLLLYYYYY good at that (no, i'm not lying lol). oh, and people in symphonic band still talk about how much they hate band and mr. b and whatnot, so that doesn't really go away. just keep trying! i know we'll see you in there senior year.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i'm so much better on the piccolo than i am on the flute. i have no idea why, maybe it's because i can't hold the flute the right way, because i was taught wrong at my old school. maybe it's because i practice at home on my piccolo and usually leave my flute at school? i don't know. but either way, i'm a thousand times better on my piccolo than on my flute.