Sunday, April 02, 2006

i'm having fun with these lately....sorry

I AM: Andrea
I WANT: jay to get online
I HAVE: absolutely no life
I WISH: that i could sleep right for once
I HATE: absolutely nothing
I MISS: jay....
I FEAR: a lot of things
I HEAR: my upstairs
I SEARCH: for random things on google.
I WONDER: about a lot of different things.
I REGRET: more things than i should.
I LOVE: jay, liz, life, friends, everything.
I ACHE: nowhere.
I AM NOT: allison. nor am i like allison. jeeez
I DANCE: very badly. like totally.
I CRY: a lot. although, lately it's been better.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: very good at remembering. sorry
I WRITE: sometimes, but not very well.
I CONFUSE: everything.
I NEED: to do my homework
I SHOULD: get some rest...


Miles C. said...

Yay! I'm loved!

Laurel said...

so many of the answers you put would be the same for the remembering...and the homework...and there were others but i don't remember w/o looking at it.
Luv ya all!