Thursday, April 06, 2006


<3 Jay

i'm really really avoiding this english project that i know i will do bad on just because i don't like it. it's not that it's extremely hard, it's just that it's extremely pointless. :-\ she's going to give everyone a bad grade anyways, so why is anybody actually trying? i know i'm not. oh well. i'll regret it later. right now i'm just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy my few hours at home for once.


Miles C. said...

If you say you're gonna do bad, then you WILL do bad. I know she is a tough teacher, but shouldn't that make you try harder so you can get a better bad grade on this project?

Laurel said...

i'm trying very very hard to do well on this paper. If i get a bad grade i'm showing my paper to another english teacher and see what grade i would get from them, and then if they would give me a better grade i'll yell at ms. totty!
Luv ya all!