Sunday, January 08, 2006

update i guess

i really don't like my blog because i have absolutely nothing to say. we were recording "crucible the musical" today at jen's, and me and janie had tons of fun. haha. bloopers galore! we talked about a whole lot of stuff too, including who to vote for in the next election, saying the pledge of allegience at school, and our THAT BOYS! :-P haha. "oh no i'm married! (covers eyes and then peeks through fingers :-P) jane is so fun to hang out with, but not very good to film with, as our scene took an hour to do because of all the laughing :-P liz and erin had to leave, and then they went to wendy's with jay :( i haven't been to wendy's in a long time, i don't think i'm ever going to go again. ever. i have to finish my girl scout badge thing i'm working on, and whatnot, and then i have to fill out that ski form thing because i guess i'm going skiing, and i'm ACTUALLY skiing, which scares me. i'm scared of everything though, so i'm a little used to it. i don't know why i'm scared of everything, just lately i am. and it sucks. really bad. i'm scared of EVERYTHING. like, just not a few things, but everything. :( oh well. whatever. i'm done
oh, and why can't you change the time anymore? or is that just on my computer? because i noticed today that it disapeared. maybe it's just for a little while, maybe it's gone forever. who knows.


Miles C. said...

Change the time? What are you talking about...

I hope you're being sarcastic about Wendys.

TJ said...

Why wouldn't you ever return to Wendy's? I know I would have my reasons...but what are yours?

To change the time, click "Post and Comment Options" below your post. Then you'll see all the options you used to have before. It's been that way for a while.