Wednesday, January 18, 2006


i am really sick, although i'm a lot better than this morning. it sucks. i went three years without missing school for being sick. :( but it gave me time to rest. which is something i really needed. and something i haven't done in a long time. but i still wish i didn't have to miss school. i don't think i would've had to if i would've gotten to rest on monday, but instead i worked for 12 hours. i cried this morning when i couldn't go to school. i'm so pathetic. it's not that i like school either. i just feel bound to it or something. i prayed last night that i'd get better, but that didn't turn out too good. i couldn't sleep because i kept having cold flashes, and so instead i just caught up on some thinking that i've been meaning to do. i like thinking. it relaxes me sometimes. i get a chance to reflect and look towards the future and see what's going on in my life now. i'm not very good at thinking on the spot, so it's always good to have days where i can just think. which probably makes me sound crazy. i went to the doctors this morning, and i don't have strep throat, i don't have anything cept a virus, according to them. i'm going to be at school tomorrow, i can't miss two days in a row! that would kill me worse than being sick. and i'm sure everyone at school misses me :-P. or maybe they are all having a blast. i mean, in latin, all i do is whine. so they are probably happy i'm not there. in music tech, jen can just finish up our project she doesn't need me. gym...yes no swimming! :-P let's see...english. we're learning something new today, for once. haha. and i'm not there. chorus...laurel wasn't going to be there anyways, so i would've not had fun anywas. band...someone else can take attendance for once. math....i was doing bad in that class anyways. history...oh well, so the class will be quiet for once without me interupting the teacher a gazillion times because i ask too many questions. i missed notes though, which sucks, because i take notes on what he says too and i can't do that if i'm not there! science, oh crap i missed a test. man. i hate making up tests. :( well, i'll make it up tomorrow. and all will be good. hopefully. :-D but anyways, i'm not needed at school today, so it isn't that big of a deal. cept i'm going to regret missing school for like the rest of my life. i'm just crazy like that. i think that's all, and i'm going to do some homework that's due tomorrow today. because i know what my homework is going to be. :-D i'm smart like that. :-P. cept i'm not. oh well. we can pretend.


Miles C. said...

:( I'm sorry you're sick. I missed you! A whole lot! My day is so much better when you're there. Please get healed.

I like how you said "Caught up on some thinking I was going to do" it was reading or something!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

you actually read that whole thing that i posted? i'm impressed. if it were me, i would've skimmed it, and then posted a comment that related to the title, sick, and just say get well soon. i'm so mean. :-P

Corrag said...

don't get well soon
be sick and miserable
and miss lots of school

...wait, take that back, reverse it, there you go