Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things that bother me

Does this bother you?
nails against a chalk board?:yes
girls dressing skanky?:a little
people you don't know talking to you?:not really
the sound of a fork scraping against a plate?:yes
people making fun of nice innocent people?:very much so
when ur nail bends back?:they're too short to do that
ur period?:yes
old men who stare at teenagers?:yes
old women hitting on guys in thier teens and 20's?:yes
people with bad breath?:a little
people smoking?:a lot!
drunk people?:yeah
kids who bully?:very much so
people who think they're hot if they're not?:not really
people who think they're shit doesn't stink just because they're hot?:???
pessimimistic people?:sometimes
optimisstic people?:no
drunk drivers?:yes
snotty salespeople?:a little
really fat people?:no
really skinny people who think they have a nice body?:depends
people who think they should have tons of friends cause they're hot?:yes
the smell of meat?:no
that food has fat and calories?:no
gay people?:no
bisexual people?:no
homophobic people?:no
religious people?:no
goofy people?:no
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

1 comment:

TJ said... we're getting Bzoink*d!

I wonder what I'd say for question #7...hmm...a big fat N/A!! :)