Thursday, November 10, 2005

High School Depression

Ok, so we're all in HIGH SCHOOL! we're all TEENAGERS!!! we still have sooooo much life ahead of us. Yet we are all complaining like old people and are always tired and depressed like OLD PEOPLE!!!! I really don't like having all these friends that are DEPRESSED! It just...bothers me. I vote we all just put our problems aside and be happy, be energetic, and not let life pull us down!

people are just so...tired and depressed now adays.


Miles C. said...

Yeah, so I'm tired. I'm not depressed! I'm fun, fun, fun!

like woah.

Corrag said...

Dang high schoolers... you get to be not depressed.



(P.S. my verification word is 'pxaor' in case anyone's interested.)

TJ said...

Gosh. I wish it were that easy... It doesn't seem like it possibly could be... But perhaps it's just the state of mind I've been in lately.

(And no, Craig, we weren't interested.)

[mine was "mrdnkjzc"]