Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Differences Between Me and Liz

1. Liz can sing. Super well. Unlike me, who can sing...alright, and that's exagerating.
2. Liz is unpredictable...very. I'm the most predictable person I know.
3. Liz is very optimistic, I'm very...unoptimistic, but not pessimistic.
4. Liz has confidence. I definitely don't. At all.
5. Liz is a senior...I am a sophmore. haha (also Liz is 16, I'm 15)

I was just thinking about this because Jay and I were talking on the phone about how predictable I am, and then I got on the computer and Jaime and I were talking about how unpredictable Liz is. It's funny, how two totally different people can get together and become friends.

So, anyways, on to life. Life is boring, I'm not gonna lie (that's a Liz saying! haha) and I really really hate it. A lot. And I'm always dizzy and lightheaded and tired and lazy because of this. Which sucks! I am in absolutely no after school activities, at least none for the school, and I really wish I was. I need a life. It sucks because the people who do have lives are so busy they just...pass me up and almost ignore the fact that I exist. The people like me who have no life don't really associate with others who have no lives, because then they'd have a life. Does this make any sense???

I have been to soooo many icon sites lately. And it seems the only good icons are the ones about love. Is that horrible? I think I'm the only person who is against love. And it sucks because I have no one to back me up.... :-(

well, i don't know how to get the icons to work....but they are fine like this...i guess


Miles C. said...

Woah, woah, woah! People with lives just pass you up and ignore the fact that you exist? What are Liz and I, chopped liver!? Or don't we have lives...

I'm just kidding with ya.

And yes, you are the only person in the world who is against love. Isn't that typical of my luck...


Lexi Elizabeth said...

No, Liz and you seem to be the only people who care <3333

(irbal...what a weird verification word)