Saturday, November 05, 2005


i'm seriously thinking of getting rid of my other blog because i haven't posted since august or something like that. And this one i'm not doing too good on either. i just have a boring life and nothing to say...

Halloween was a blast, although I think Jay covered it all, and ice skating too. Today I'm just relaxing, might go to the mall later with lissa and no money....sounds like a plan to me! You know what I love? How on Homecoming night, Jay Liz and I went to Wendy's, for the first time together, with Erin. But now, a month later, we always go to Wendy's, just the three of us. It's become an automatic thing with us, and I like it. That Mark guy is always working there, and even though we've ordered 500 times, he still asks if I want sauce with my nuggets, it's kind of funny. But anyways....

Did I ever tell you guys we have seven puppies? They are the cutest things! I like the second biggest, second darkest one. But I still vote we just keep them all. My mom won't let me though. When I have my own house (which will be never) I will have like twenty million puppies! And then twenty million dogs when they grow up! It's not that I'm one of those obsessive people who are animal obsessed, I just think they are the cutest thing. I'm never actually going to have a lot of dogs because taking care of two and even one is hard enough. But I can dream... Maybe I'll get a big farm like on 101 dalmations...haha. Then I could have a horse too! I love horses.

Tricia and Mike are really annoying. They are both so boring that they have to annoy other people to have fun. "Friends don't let friends date Mike!" I should've known better....Lissa is jealous that I'm hanging out with Libby too much, although I only hang out with Libby like every other day. But she's not jealous of Liz or Jay or anybody else I hang out with. Except maybe Laurel because her and Laurel were friends before me and Laurel and now her and Laurel aren't talking or whatever. I think it's the same way with Libby, although her and Libby still talk. I wish I could help her. I'm like her only friend that she hangs out with after school anymore. I think she should join a school activity and make friends, but she has a job and baby-sits too much to. Oh well. Last year, I wasn't that good of friends that I am with now. Liz and I only talked in TA, Jay and I only talked to 2nd period, and Libby and I only talked before homeroom. Christine and Jenny I never saw in school, as for everyone else in Wicked. Now we have become so much closer. But I feel like I'm leaving my other friends behind. Friends like Kayla (my bestest friend in the whole wide world whom i haven't talked to in like a week), Lissa (we used to hang out every single day), Tricia (who has become sorta of annoying lately), Alicia (who now i only see once a day and that's for less than a minute in the hall). It's a little sad. I don't know if I should try to rekindle those friendships to be like they once were, or accept the change. I just feel really bad about it. Not that I want to stop hanging out with my other friends, like Liz and people. Because they are fun too. Maybe more...I don't know. I just, don't want to hurt anybody or push anybody away. :( It sucks, because I don't really have a best friend anymore...Kayla and me don't talk. She's still my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and she always will be, but we are so different now. Soooo different. But I still need her, no matter how different we are. I wish she would see that. I don't even know who comes after Kayla. It used to be Tricia and Lissa, but we hardly talk anymore, if at all. but moving on to a less depressing topic...

So I got a C in science for this nine weeks, which is better than failing, but I really wish I did better. Mr. T thinks C's are perfectly fine, since they are average, but I don't really agree with him, because then teachers wouldn't push A's so much. I got an A in math, and I would've done better if I would've been there for the first two weeks. I got a B in English, because I'm not one to keep up with homework, and that goes for my History grade too. You people gotta keep me up on my homework, because I really want good grades! Gym and music tech I got an A. Chorus, Latin and Band I have no idea what I got. But I know science was my only C. And I hate it. I know I could've done better. I really could've. I didn't turn in two homework assignments, failed a test, and didn't do so well on two other tests, which is why I failed, but I know I could've done better, even with Brian in front of me. Although now he's not near me at all, so it's all good now!


TJ said...

Please, don't delete the blog like Craig and Matt, just post a note like I did saying you're shutting it down. Then change the settings on your blog as follows:

Under the Settings tab, select Formatting. Change the first option, Show to 1 post. Save and republish.

See "Blogger Bits," which I recently shut down for an example.

When you do this, you still have the archives online, so people can enjoy what you did post back when you did that.

To remove it even further, go to Basic under the Settings tab, and under Add your Blog to our listings? select "No." Save and republish, and it won't even appear on your profile anymore. It will still be on your dashboard, though, and people can still access it (and its archives) by typing in the URL directly.

Hope this helps!

Corrag said...

Sorry Tim, I was in a weird mood that day I deleted my blog... you know how it is.

Anyway, nice post Andrea; little sad though -- a 'C' in science!? [no wait, the best friend part was the sad part :-( ].